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World History

Ch. 7 Nationalism Triumphs in Europe

Prime Minister of prussia, then chancellor of German Empire. Responsible for unity in 1871 Otto Von Bismarck
highest official in the monarch chancellor
realistic politics based on the needs of the state Realpolitik
take control of annex
the German emperor, the emperor of Austria, or the head of the Holy Roman Empire. kaiser
another word for empire Reich
"battle for civilization" lasted from 1871-1878 Kulturkampf
the last German emperor and king of prussia, ruling the German empire William II
programs to help certain groups of people social welfare
Leading figure in movement towards Italian unification Camillo Cavour
Italian general and politician Guiseppe Garibaldi
people who want to abolish all governments anarchist
moved away from their homeland emigration
Francis Joseph
Ferenc Deak
Dual Monarchy
Alexander II
Crimean War
freeing of the serfs emancipation
violent mob attacks on Jewish people pogrom
people who flee their homeland to seek safety elsewhere refugees
elected national legislator Duma
Peter Stolypin
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