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Vargo Vocab 19b

Vocab 19b

The government of France between the Directory 1799 and the Napoleonic Empire 1804. Consulate
Napoleon made peace with the Catholic Church. This agreement kept the Church under state control but recognized religious freedom of Catholics. Concordat of 1801
This was a new law that embodied Enlightenment principles such as the equality of all citizens before the law, religious toleration, and advancements based on merit. Women lost most of their gained rights under the new code such as rights of citizenship. Napoleonic Code
A British Admiral that smashed the French fleet in 1805. During the battle he was fatally shot by a French sniper but lived long enough to learn of the British victory. His last words “Thank God, I have done my duty.” Horatio Nelson
Russia, Austria, and Prussia defeated Napoleon at Leipzig in 1813. A year later Napoleon was exiled to Elba an Island in the Mediterranean Battle of Nations
He was a Prince of Austria. He was a dominant figure at The Congress of Vienna who wanted to restore the (Status Quo) “the way things are” 0f 1792. He pushed to create the Concert of Europe, a peacekeeping organization Metternich
Island in the Mediterranean in Tuscany Italy where Napoleon was exiled for the first time. Elba
On June 18, 1815 in Belgium the British under the Duke of Wellington and Prussia under General Blucher crushed the French forces in a day long battle. Waterloo
A British army officer and statesman who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815. Duke of Wellington
In 1813 after Napoleon was exiled to Elba he was pronounced King of France. He had a difficult time trying to restore France. He accepted the Napoleonic Code and honored land settlements. Louis XVIII
Island in the South Atlantic where Napoleon was exiled for the second time St. Helena
Assembly held in Vienna from 1814-1815 that reorganized Europe after the Napoleonic wars. Metternich was the chairman of the assembly. Congress of Vienna
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