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Chapter 7.

Buddhism && Hinduism.

What kind of ruler was Asoka? At first he was a warlike king and fought many fierce battles with an enemy to the south. Then he decided to accept the teachings of the Buddha.
Two great achievements of indian scientist. They invented the idea of zero and of decimal numbers and They proved that the earth was indeed round many hundred years before Europeans realized it.
Where is Buddhism practiced? Buddhism is practiced Indian subcontinent, Sri Lanka, east Asia, indochina, regions of Russia and the Netherlands.
Where is Hinduism practiced? Hinduism is practiced in Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Fiji, Guyana, Australia. Etc..
Who is the founder of Buddhism? The "Buddha" is historically the founder of Buddhism.
Is it Hinduism or Buddhism that married women wear dots on their foreheads? Hinduism.
Name a buddhist symbol. One Buddhist symbol is Buddha's footprints.
When and how did Buddhism start? Buddhism started 2,500 years ago because of a prince named Siddhartha Gautama.
When did Hinduism begin? Hinduism began about 4,000 years a go in India.
According to Hinduism what 3 gods rule the world? Brahma, the creator. Vishnu, the preserver. Shiva, the destroyer.
What is an important belief of Buddhism? One important belief of Buddhism is reincarnation. (People are reborn after dying.)
What is on belief of Hinduism? Hindus believe in Karma.
Nirvana. The state of final liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth. It refers to the end of suffering.
Some important aspects of Buddhism? Some important aspects of Buddhism include beliefs, ceremonies, marriage, divorce. Ect.
Aspects of Hinduism. These were the three things that were aspects of the Hinduism life. Origin and Evolution. Scriptures and Scholars
Created by: Kenna_cieraa