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Chapter 8. Africa.


How much does the Sahara desert cover of Africa? 1/4 (one-fourth) of it.
Was ancestry traced through the mother or the father? The mothers.
Griots. Storytellers, pass down oral history.
Elements of Animism. Belief that spirits are in everything.
Desertification. The desert is spreading or getting bigger.
What is the tallest Mountain in Africa? Mt. Kilimanjaro.
In what part of Africa did the Bantu originate? They originated in West Africa.
Which direction did the Bantu migrate? They migrated to the east.
Push-Pull Factors. push factors encourage or force people to leave certain places and pull factors are the economic and social attractions, real and imagined, offered by the location to which people move or the things which attract someone to migrate that place.
What were some things they exported? Ivory, rhinoceros horn, hippopotamus hide, tortoise shell, monkeys, and slaves.
What were some things they imported? Cloth, several types of glass wear, iron, axes, swords, big round bronze drinking cups.
What was on of the reasons it collapsed? The rise of Islam cuts Axum off from its trading partners.
What was in scripted on Stela. "In the faith of God and the power of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost who have saved my kingdom. I believe in your son Jesus Christ who has saved me."
Who did Africa trade with? The Egyptians, the eastern Medditerrianian, and Arabia.
What did African families and relatives form? Clans.
Created by: Kenna_cieraa