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Opthalmic Assisting

Introduction to Ophthalmic Medical Assisting

Ophthalmology Medical and surgical specialty that is concerned with the eye and its surrounding structures, the eye's proper function, eye disease and disorders , and all aspects of vision.
Ophthalmoscope Instrument used to examine the retina and optic nerve.
Retinal Detachment A condition in which the light-sensitive tissue at the back of the eye becomes detached from the underlying layer, resulting in loss of peripheral vision or blindness.
Glaucoma Disease associated with increased pressure in the eye.
Ophthalmologist A medical doctor specializing in the prevention, diagnosis, as well as surgical treatment of vision problems and eye diseases.
Optometrist An independent practioner who is trained to prescribe eye glasses and contact lenses as well as to detect eye disease. In some states, Optometrists are permitted to diagnose and medically treat some eye diseases.
Optician An independent professional usually state licensed to make (dispense)eye glasses and contact lenses according to prescriptions supplied by an ophthalmologist or optometrist.
Orthoptist A specialist who tests visual function, evaluates eye muscle disorders and impairments in binocular vision; Assists in diagnosis, management, and non-surgical treatment of eye muscle imbalance and related visual impairments.
Ocularist Fabricates and fits patients with prostheses (artifical eyes or shells) which replace a surgically removed or cover an unsightly eye.
Ophthalmic Photographer Photographs the eye structures for diagnosis and documentation.
Ophthalmic Medical Assistant Individual who helps the ophthalmologist with diagnostic and treatment-oriented procedures.
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