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Hyksos Asiatic invaders
Hatshepsut Declared herself pharaoh in 1472 b.c. Took over because her stepson was a child.
Piankhi A kushite king.
Nubia Region of Africa that straddled the upper Nile river
Queen Ahhotep She took over when her husband was killed in battle.
Tutmoses ||| Took over after his step mom Hatshepsut maybe even killed her.
New kingdom Lasted from 1570-1075b.c.
Nineveh Where Assyrians capital is.
Sennacherib An Assyrian king
Nebuchadnezzar A Chaldean king
Assyria Southwest Asian kingdom
Medes Southwest Asian people
Chaldeans Southwest Asian people
Cyrus Persian king
Cambyses Cyrus's son and another Persian king
Darius Cambyses successor ruled after Cambyses died
Zoroaster A Persian prophet.
Royal road A trading route.
Satrap A governer
Yin and yang Twopowers that together represented the natural rhythms of life
Legalism Chinese philosophy where a powerful government is key to social order
Filial piety Respect for parents and ancestors
Confucius China's most influential scholar
Daoism Philosophy of laozi
Autocracy Government that has unlimited power
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