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Andrea Gonzalez

Chapter 7-8

Asoka Chandraguptas grandson.
To stay at peace what did Selecus do? He sent an Embasssador
Matriachal Tamil groups ran by the mother.
Religious Toleration Acceptance of people who have different religious beliefs
When did Samundra Gupta become king? A.D. 335
What are the Silk Roads? Vast network of caravan routes.
What were India's two main faiths? Buddhism and Hinduism
Nirvana A state achieved by rejecting he sensory world embracing spiritual discipline.
Kalidasa One of India's greatest writers
What are three at important Hindu gods? Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
When does Monopoly occur? When a group has exclusive control over the production d distribution certain goods.
Which dynasty ruled for over 400 years? Han Dynasty
Who was one of Xiang Yus generals? Lui Bang
Who was called the Martial Emporer? Wudi
During the 400 years of Han Rule what improvements were made? Education, Chinese technology, an culture.
The largest deserts Sahara
Grassy plains. Savannas
Animism A religion in which the spirits play an important role in regulation daily life.
Griots Story tellers
Nok Culture West Africa's earliest known culture.
How many miles does Africa stretch East to West? North to South? East to West is stretches 4,600 miles. And from North to South it stretches 5,000 miles.
What are three main causes of Migration? Environmental, Economical, and Political factors.
Push pull factors Factors that either push people out of an area, or pull people into an area.
Permanent move from one country to another. Migration.
How many people speak one of the Bantu languages as their first language? Estimated 240 million.
What are the two most commonly spoke languages in Africa? Arabic and Swahili
His kingdom arose and conquered Kush Aksum
Aksum chief seaport. Adulis
Ezana Strong ruler who occupied the throne who wanted to expand his authority.
When Enzana was ruler what religion was the kingdoms official religion? Christianity
Created by: Andrea_xoxo