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Ayla Polk

Chapter 7-8

Who was the person who wrote a handbook for rulers name , " Arthasastra " ?. Kautilya .
What did Seleucus do to stay at peace ?. He sent an ambassador , Megasthenes to Chandraguptas Capital .
Asoka . He brought the Mauryan Empire to it's greatest heights .
Tamil . A language , and the people are called Tamil people .
Gupta Empire . This empire oversaw a great flowering of Indian civilization , especially the Hindu culture .
Most Indian families were ?.. Patriarchal .
Those who belong to the Buddhas stricton belonged to ? Theravada .
What three gods were most important . 1.) Brahma . 2.) Vishnu . 3.) Shiva .
Kalidasa . One of India's great writers .
Who calculated the value of pi ?. Aryabhta .
Silk roads . Got it's name because traders brought silk from China to Western Asia , to Rome .
Who was the aristocratic general ?. Xiang yu .
Which dynasty ruled China for over 400 years ? Han Dynasty .
Centralized Government . A central authority controls the running of a state .
Wudi . Martial Emperor .
Civil service jobs . Government jobs that civilians obtain by taking examinations .
Tsetse fly . Found in the rain forest , deadly insect .
What did the tsetse fly prevent ?. It prevented in adopters , especially Europeans .
Savannas . The topsoil throughout Africa is thin , and heavy rain strips away minerals .
San of the Kalarhair Desert , and the BaMbuti . Are still hunger - gathers .
San . They travel in small bands of a few related families .
West Afriacans earlier at known culture ?. Nok .
Push - pull factors . Can either push people out of an area , or pull them into one .
Migration . Changes the lives of those who migrate and also of the people in communities where they settle .
Bantu - speaking people . Originally live in the Savanna , south of the Sahara , in the area that is now southeastern Nigera .
What River this the Bantu people follow ? The Congo River .
Effects of migration . The lands they occupied were not always unpopulated .
Where was Aksum located ?. What sea ?. The Red Sea .
Periplus of the Erythraean Sea . Was a Greek guidebook that mentioned Aksum .
Adulis . Near present day Massawa .
Exceptionally strong ruler of Aksum .? Ezana .
Ezana . First conquered the part of the Arabian peninsula is now Yemen .
Created by: Ayla Polk