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Bailee Johnson

Ch. 4

Hyksos Asiatic invaders that ruled Egypt from 1640-1570BC
New kingdom Overthrew the Hyksos, ruled from 1570-1075 BC
Thutmose 3 Killed stepmother to become king
Kush Egypt country that lasted from 2000-1000BC
Meröe Trade flourished with Africa, Arabia, and India
Piankhi Over threw the Libyan people that took over Egypt
Sennacherib Bragged about destroying things
Nineveh Assyria's capital
King Ashurbanipal Collected more than 20,000 clay tablets
Epic of Gilgamesh Ancient Sumerian poem
Nebuchadnezzar King that restored Babylon
Assyria Defeted Syria, Israel, Judah, and Babylon
Cyrus Treated people that he conquered like they were never conquered before
Cambyses Expanded the Persian empire by conquering Egypt
satrap Like a governor
Royal Road 1600 mile road that stretched from Susa in Persia to Sardis in Anatolia
Zoroaster Created Zoroastrian
Ahura Mazda The god you believe in when you study Zoroastrian
Confucius Most inspirational Chinese scholar
Laozi Created Daoism
Yin and Yang Yin is the darkness in the universe. Yang is the good in everything. Together they represent the universe. The circle shape represents unity.
Shi Hiangdi Name means "First Emperor"
Qin Dynasty Lasted for a very short time
autocracy Government that has unlimited power and uses it in an abritrary power
Created by: BRJohns514