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Tommy kovar

Ch 7-8

Who killed the unpopular nanda king Chandragupta
Why did the government raise the taxes For the army
Who wrote the ruler handbook "arthastras". Kautlya
Who divided the empire into fourprovinces Chandragupta
In 301b.c who took control? Asoka.
What did Asoka led by what teachings Buddha
Why did he have extensive roads built? To visit far corners of Italy
What religion is polyesthic? Hinduism
What religion teaches that you should overcome the eightfold path? Buddhism
What happened when sensory was rejected and discipline was embraced spiritually? Nirvana
Who forbidden people to worship him? Buddha
What are kindred stone structures built over holy relics Stupas
Who were the three most important gods? Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva
Who wrote the play shakuntala Kalidasa
Who was one of Xiang yu's generals Liu bang then declared himself leader of hang dynasty
Who won the battle between Xiang Yu's and Liu bang when Liu turned against Xiangs? Liu bang
Liu and Shanghai ruled together for a while what did Liu do when they split? He lowered taxes ands oftener harsh punishment.
Who really ruled after Liu's death? His son was suppose to but his wife Lu really was the leader
Who was the next ruler? Wudi Liu grand son.
Who was wudi first enemy? Xiongnu
What are the largest deserts in Africa? Sahara in the north and kalahari in the south
Why was teste fly bad? Because it's prevented the Africans from using cattle, donkey, and hires to farm.
What does the fertile land usually populated with? Farmers and herders
The men hunt with spears what do the woman do? They pick berries and roots.
What are patoralists? People who keep cattle goats and sheep.
When religion plays an important role in every day life this is called what? Animism
What are the three main reasons for migration? Environmental, political, economic
What is the push-pull factor? It means you push someone out of an area or pull someone into an area
What is one result of migration? Deals and technologies could be shared.
What is one way scientist can learn how far migration goes? You can learn by the languages that are used.
When Africans finished migrating how much of the continent was populated? One- third
Who exchanged Ideas with people who migrated there? Bantu migrants.
Who swept Egypt and drove the Kushite pharaohs south Assyrians
Who was thought to be the first king of Aksum. Zoskales
Who swished the Red Sea and the blue Nile ? Aksum
Aksumite traded items such as Salt and accercerosise like rhinoceros horn, ivory, tortious shells, emeralds and gold.
What did they receive In return? Glass, cloth,olive oil, wine, brass
Who later occupied the throne? Ezana
Created by: Audrie41383