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Andrea Gonzalez

Ch. 6 Section 1-4

Republic Form of government in which power rests with citizens
Patricians Wealthy land owners who held the most power.
Plebeians Common farmers, merchants, and artisans who made up the rest of the population.
Rome's two officials. Consuls
Senate Aristocratic branch of Rome's Government.
Large military units Legions
Conflict between two groups of the same country Civil War
Triumvirate Group of three rulers
Military leader in 60 B.C. Julius Caesar
Unchallenged ruler of Rome Octavian
What was a significant part of Roman life? Slavery
What did the government provide to distract and control the masses of Romans? Free games, races, mock battles, etc.
After Jesus's death where was he placed? In a tomb
Who had a huge influence on Christianity's development? Paul
Bishop A priest
The father or head of a Christian church Pope
Which century did the Pax Romana begin to crumble? The second century
Who was Paul? An apostle
When did Roman power spread to Judea? 63 B.C.
Drastic drop in the value of money coupled with a rise of prices Inflation
Foreign soldiers who fought for money Mercenaries
Diocletian Strong willed army leader
When did Diocletian retire? A.D. 305
Who moved the Capitol from Rome to a Greek city ? Constantine
Created by: Andrea_xoxo