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Alex Talerico

Chapter 7-8

Nauruan empire Chandragupta gathered an army, killed the unpopular nanda king, and in about 321 b.c. Claimed the throne.
Asoka Brought the Mauryan empire to its greatest heights.
Religious toleration Acceptance of people who held different religious beliefs.
Language and are called these type of people Tamil
After whose marriage took the title "Great King of Kings". Chandra Gupta I
Headed by the eldest male Patriarchal
Silk roads Central Asian nomads told Indians about a vast network of caravan routes
3 important Hindu gods and what they are Brahma creator of the world, Vishnu preserver of the world and shiva the destroyer of the world.
Monopoly When a group has exclusive control over the production and distribution of certain goods.
Assimilation Making of conquered peoples part of Chinese culture
2 famous Chinese writers Sima Qian and Ban Baio
Largest desert Sahara
What does the Sahara takes over more and more? Sahel
Savannas Grassy plains
Animism Worships of animals
Griots Story tellers
Migration Permanent move from country or region to another
Push and pull Push is the bad and pull is what you like about it
Aksum Conquered kush
Adulis Aksum's chief seaport
Created by: A-Rod