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Asoka He brought the Mauryan empire to its greatest heights
Chandragupta Chandragupta relied on an adviser named Kautilya, a member of the priestly
Asoka Asoka became kingĀ of the Mauryan Empire in 269 b.c.
Religious toleration Acceptance of people who have different beliefs
A period of turmoil Introduced new languages, customs, and cultures
Kalidasa One of India's great writers
Silk roads Traders used them to bring silk from china to Western Asia then Rome
Hinduism and Buddhism India's two main faiths
Achievements Highly productive period in literature, art, science, and math
Effects of Indian trade They charged only 15 to 20 percent interest a year
Liu Bang One of Xiang Yus generals who eventually turned against him
Wudi Martial emperor
Chinese emperor Relied on a complex bureaucracy to help him rule
Han empire Expanded its trade networks
The rich took advantage of the poor The fall and return of the Han
Han dynasty Ruled for over 400 years
Steamy costal plains to snow covered mountains Parts of Africa
Sahara and kalahari desert Unsuitable for human life largest deserts in the north and south
Local religions All believed in one creator and included an element called animism
Griots The way people past down information by stories
Earliest known culture Nok people
Migration Caused mostly from environmental problems
Group of people who shared certain cultural characteristics The Bantu speaking people
Effects of migration The lands they occupied were not always unpopulated
The Congo river The Bantu speaking people followed
Effects of the migration Bantu speakers exchanged ideas
A powerful kingdom Aksum
An international culture develops Blends include traditions of the Arab peoples who crossed the Red Sea
Aksumite religion Believed in one god called mahrem
Ezana becomes ruler Changes the religion to Christianity
Aksum The only ancient African kingdom to have a writen language
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