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Georgia Gizzi


Tamil Language of the Tamil people.
Gupta Empire India's second empire,founded by Chandragupta.
patriarchal Headed by the eldest male.
matriarchal Headed by the mother then rather the father.
Mauryan Empire The first empire in India headed by Chandragupta.
Asoka Emperor of India 269-232bc. Converted to Buddhism and established it as the state religion.
Religious toleration. The recognition of peoples right to hold differing religious beliefs.
Mahayana A sect of Buddhism that offers salvation to all and allows popular worship.
Theravada A sect of Buddhosm focusing on the strict spiritual discipline originally advocated by the Buddha.
stupas Mounded stone structures built over holy relics.
Brahma Believed to be the creator of the world.
Vishnu Believed to be the preserver of the world.
Shiva Believed to be the destroyer of the world.
Silk roads. A system of ancient caravan routs across Central Asia, where traders carried silk and other goods.
Han Dynasty A Chinese dynasty that ruled from 202BC to AD 9 and again from AD23 -220.
Centralized government A government in which power is concentrated in a central authority to which local governments are subject.
Civil service jobs. Government jobs that civilians obtained by taking examinations.
Monopoly A group's exclusive control over the production and distribution of certain goods.
Assimilation The process of making conquered people's part of Chinese culture.
Sahara Desert A desert in North Africa that extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red Sea.
Sahel The African region along the southern border of the Sahara.
Savana Flat, grassy plain.
Animism The belief that spirits are present in animals, plant and other natural objects.
Griot A West African story teller.
Nok An African people who lived in what is now Nigeria between 500 BC and AD 200.
Djenné-Djeno A city along a river or Oasis in Africa.
Migration A permanent move from one country or region to another.
Push-Pull factors Conditions that draw people to another location or cause people to leave their homelands to migrate to another region.
Bantu-speaking peoples
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