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Prezzley Buckhannon

Ch. 7-8

What was the most important thing Chandragupta did? Began the Mauryan Empire. .
How did Chandragupta clothe, feed, and pay his troops? He raised taxes.
Who was Chandragupta's advisor? Kautilya.
What did Kautilya write? A book titled "Arthasastra."
Who was Megasthenes? Seleucus's ambassador.
What were India's two main faith in 250 BC? Hinduism and Buddhism.
What made Buddhism more popular? People started worshiping the Buddha as a god.
What were the new Buddhist teachings called? Mahayana.
What were the original teachings called? Theravada.
How did Hinduism change? People started to worship 3 gods more than the others. It was going more towards monotheism.
What were the three most important Hindu gods? Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.
Who restored unity to China? The Han.
How long did the Han dynasty rule? Over 400 years.
What is a centralized government? A central authority controls the running of the state.
How was society under the Han dynasty? Very structured.
What is commerce and what did it help do? Commerce is the buying and selling of goods and it helped make advances of life in China.
In the end, what did the Han dynasty disintegrate too? Three rival kingdoms.
What is the Sahara? The largest (and growing) dessert in Africa.
What was the early religion in Africa? They believed in one creator, and animism.
What is animism? The belief that everything has a spirit.
What was a griot? A story teller who passed down stories orally.
What is desertification? The steady process of drying of the soil.
What important thing did the Nok culture do? They were the first African people to smelt iron.
What are push-pull factors? They can either push people out of an area or pull them into one.
What is one effect of migration? Ideas and tecnologies must be shared.
Who were the Bantu speaking peoples? Small groups who moved southward through Africa.
What were some causes of migration? It is proposed that they needed more land to plant, so they had to move.
What happened when the Bantu's spread south? Territorial war broke out.
What created new cultures with unique customs and traditions? Intermingling.
What was the kingdom of Aksum? A more powerful kingdom that conquered Kush.
Who was Ezana? An exceptionally strong ruler who came into power around 325-360 BC.
Created by: Prezzley