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Ben Talbott

Ch 7-8

Chandragupta Maurya formed what empire? The Mauryan empire
How did he expand his empire? Through war
Asoka, after a bloody war, took up what religion. Buddhism
Who formed the Gupta Empire? Chandra Gupta
In a matriarchal house, who is the head? The mother
What happened after Asoka died? The Muryan Empire crumbled
What was the two main religions in India? Buddhism and Hinduism
What had Buddha forbid people to do? Worship him
Indians developed a seven day week and they devised each day into what? Hours
Increased trade led to what in India? Banking
Which of the following was invented in India? Modern numerals, zero, decimal numbers
What did India export? Cotton cloth
Who founded the Han Dynasty? Liu Bang
What was his first goal as Emperor? To eliminate rival kings' power
Why was Wudi called the " Martial Emperor"? Because he adopted the policy of expanding the Chinese Empire through war
The Chinese believed their emperor had what type of authority? Divine authority
In Chinese society, who was at the bottom of the pyramid? Slaves
What did the Chinese invent that made education cheaper to learn? Paper
What did the Chinese government set monopolies on? Mining of salt, forging of iron, minting of coins, brewing of alcohol
What is the second largest continent in the world? Africa
True or false, the Sahara covers a area roughly the size United States of America True
Where do most people in Africa live? On the Savannas
In what valley did the first humans appear? The Great Rift Valley
What is another name for a storyteller? Griots
True of False, Africans went through a Bronze Age, a Copper Age, and finally they reached the Iron Age. False they did not go through the bronze and copper age, but instead they went straight to the Iron Age.
How many main categories does reasons for migration have? 3
True or false, spreading of technologies is an effect of migration. True
Can you trace migration through language? Yes
What is the most commonly spoken language? Swahili
Where do the San live today In the northern Kalahari Desert
Which kingdom conquered Kush? Aksum
Did the last ruler of the dynasty die in 1851, 329, or 1975? 1975
They controlled trading on what sea? The Red Sea
Which ruler conquered Kush? Ezana
What was Aksum's main seaport? Adulis
Who invaded Aksum? Islamic invaders
Created by: wvbillhilly