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Larrin Shriver

Chapter 7-8

How did Chandragupta afford to feed, clothe, and pay his army? Levied higher taxes
How much did farmers have to pay up to the king? One-half the value of the crop
What handbook did Kautilya write? Arthasastra
What religion did Asoka convert to? Budhism
What /Who is Tamil? The language spoken in southern India and the people who speak it
What title did Chandra Gupta I receive? Great King of Kings
What does it mean to be patriarchal? To have the eldest male lead the household
What two religions were popular in India in 250 B.c. ? Hinduism and Buddhism
What is the perfect state of peace Buddha believes in? Nirvana
What group is believes in the stricter rules of Buddha? Chandra Gupta I
Indian scientist proved what theory before the Europeans did? The Earth is round.
What did India build along the Silk Road? Trading stations
How far out did the calculate the numbers of pi? Four
Who is Kalidasa? Kalidasa is one of the greatest writers.
Who declared himself the first emperor of the Han Dynasty? Liu Bang
How did Liu Bang gain popularity? He departed from Shi Haungdi's strict legalism
What was Wudi called? Martial Emperor
Besides taxes what did Chinese peasants owe? A month of labor
How many ranks of civil service are in bureaucracy? 18
What was one of the greatest inventions the Chinese made? Paper
What were books wrote on before paper? Silk
What are the largest deserts in Africa? Sahara and Kalahari
What is the southern edge of the Sahara called? Sahel
What prevents farms to have livestock such as cattle near the rainforest? Tsetse fly
Where do most people live in Africa? Savannas
Who keeps the history alive through families? Griots
Who are the Noks? West Africa's earliest known culture
Why is Djenne-Djeno famous? It is the oldest city in Africa
What is a permanent movement from one area to another? Migration
Where did the Bantu-Speaking peoples originally live? South of the Sahara in the Savanna
What direction did the Bantu-Speaking peoples migrate? Southward
What are push-pull factors? Reasons for migration
Why did the Bantu people migrate? They needed more room for the increasing number of people.
Who do experts believe was related to the Noks? Bantus
How many Africans speak Bantu language as their first language? One- third
Why did the city of Adulis attract people? It was the center of trade.
Where was Aksum located? South of Kush
Who is Ezana? A strong ruler of Aksum.
What religion did Ezana convert to? Christainity
Aksum fell on what religion practiced invaders? Islam
What did terraces help do Helped soil retain water.
Aksum developed what type of language? A written language
Created by: Larrin23