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Taylor Perkins

chapter 7-8

chandragupta Maurya was born in what powerful kingdom? Magadha
chandragupta got an army killed the King, and claimed the thorn this became known as what empire? Mauryan Empire
what rulers handbook did Kautilya write? Arthasastra
what is religious toleration? Acceptance of people who held different religious beliefs.
what is matriarchal? headed by the mother instead of the father.
what were stupas? mounded stone structures built over holy relics
the 3 important Hindu gods were? Vishnu, brahma, & shiva
the vast network of caravan routes was called? the silk roads
why was it called the silk roads thy were used to bring silk from china to Asia then to Rome
what is oases? fertile spots in the desert areas
what was one of Xiang Yu's generals Lui Bang
true or false Lui bang declared himself first emperor of the han dynasty true
what is a centralized government? a central authority controls the running of a state.
Confuscious taught that gentlemen should practice? respect, generosity, truthfulness, diligence, & kindness
who had a chance at a government career? sons of wealthy landowners
how much of the Sahara desert covers Africa? 1/4
is desertification a big problem? yes
explain Sahel area between the Sahara & grassland, forest area
explain the religion. supreme creator god most have elements of animism
name some natural other features great Rift Valley, lake Victoria, mount Kenya, lake chad, & Mount Kilimanjaro
what is migration? poem entrant move from 1 country to another
explain push-pull factors factors that either push people out of the area, or pull people into the area
in what part of Africa did the Bantu originate west
what African culture developed iron working the nok people
Aksum traded with? Egypt
Aksum was located on what sea the Red Sea
what did Aksum export ivory, hippo hides, slaves, rhino horns, monkeys
what did Aksum import cloth, linen, iron, axes, adzes, cups of bronze
Created by: taylor_perkins