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Emily Bowman

Chapter 7-8

India's second great empire was ____. The Gupta Empire
What did Samudra accomplish during his reign? He expanded the empire.
__________ _______ was the first emperor of the first Indian Dynasty, Chandragupta Maurya
____ _____ was an emperor that received the name, "Great King of Kings" Chandra Gupta I
Kautilya wrote a handbook to advise a ruler about how to _____ a huge empire. Govern
True or false: matriarchal is a society in which the household is controlled by the eldest male. False
These peoples live near the southern tip of India and speak a language that has the same name as them. They are the _____ people. Tamil
Name the three most important Hindu gods. Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva
True or false: Indian astronomers discovered that the earth is round way before the Europeans. True
Kalidasa is known as a famous ____ in India. Writer
By making themselves middlemen in trade along the Silk Road, the India's hoped to do what. Earn more money or profit.
Buddhism was created by whom? Siddhartha Gautama
Which India man estimated the value of Pi and very closely calculated the time of the solar year, he is? Aryabhata
What are stupas? They are mounded stone structures built over holy relics.
During the Han Empire what two important items, still used today were invented? Paper and silk
How was Empress Lü able to keep power? She appointed infants as rulers, and since they couldn't rule she ruled for them.
Who is in charge of founding the Han Dynasty? Liu Bang
For approximately how many years did the Han Dynasty last? Over 400 years.
Which Han Emperor believed that to be a government official you must be given an exam on your knowledge bout Confucianism? Wudi
Why is Wudi referred to as the "Martial Emperor"? He believed in expanding the empire through war.
Eventually in the empire did the gap between the rich and poor begin to increase? Yes, this lead to many problems.
Is it true that the Sahara desert is getting bigger? Yes.
Name three animals the Tsetse fly, prevented Africans living near the rainforest from having: Donkeys, cattle, and horses.
In what way was the Tsetse fly helpful? It prevented invaders.
What did agricultural advances allow the San of the Kalahari Desert peoples to do? It allowed them permanent settlement.
What are griots? Griots are those who pass down history orally, when Africa didn't have a writing system.
Did households usually contain a family, and their extended family. Yes, family was a very import at aspect of African life.
Waterfalls and ______ made it impossible to get to and from the coast of Africa, Rapids
______ is a permanent move from one country or region to another. Migration
List three factors of migrations: Economical, political, and environmental.
The Niger-Congo group includes at least ____ languages, 900
What is the definition of push-and-pull factors when speaking of migration? Factors that can push people out of an area or pull people into an area.
Is it true that the Nok people made advancements in weapon making, and if so with what metal did they use to make these weapons? True, and they worked with iron.
Unemployment is a push factor of migration for which category: economic, political, environmental. Economic
In Africa families sometimes formed ____. A clan or clans
Aksum was located on what sea? The Red Sea
________ is thought to be the first King of Askum. Zoskales
The name of Askum's chief seaport is _____. Adulis
True or false: Askum was the only known ancient African kingdom to have a written language. True
The Askum peoples created _____ farming. Terrace
To escape from Islam, Askum rulers moved their capital to what is now ______. Ethiopia
Why did Askum fall? Islamic invaders.
Created by: Eabowma2