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Hannah Cummings

Ch 7-8

“Some parts of Africa suffer from constant _______, while others receive over ___ inches of rain a year. Drought, 200
Africa is the ________ largest continent in the world. Second
What makes navigation to the coast impossible? Waterfalls and rapids the form rivers that drop down to the coast from the plateau.
Another name for the rain forest is? Natures green house.
A deadly fly, called the ______ fly, prevented Africans from using cattle, donkeys and horses to farm. Tsetse
Most Africans live in the ______. Savanna.
The earliest African people were _______ until they _________ animals for food. Nomadic, domesticated
What allowed people to do other activities such as pottery and jewelry making? Increased food supply.
__________is a permanent move from one country or region to another. Migration
Factors that can push people out of areas or pull people into areas. Push and pull factors.
Includes over 900 individual languages. Niger-Congo
Bantu speakers moved _____ and _____. East and west
When a piece of forest is cut down and burned it is called the _____ and _____ technique. Slash, burn
Aksum’s location and expansion made it a hub for caravan routes to _____and ______. Egypt, Meroë
Aksumite traders traded what? Salt, rhino horns, tortoise shells, ivory, emerald, and gold.
The kingdom of Aksum was at its height during the rule of _____. Ezana
Where people in Aksum monotheistic or polytheistic? Monotheistic.
______ was the only ancient African kingdom that didn't have a written language. Aksum
What is desertification? When the desert spreads.
Created by: HannahCummings