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Jake Todd

Ch 7-8

What happened when Asoka died? India entered into a period of turmoil.
What two religions formed in India. Buddhism and Hinduism
What emperor formed the mauryan empire? Chandragupta
Where do most Chinese people live? In rural areas
What religion did king Asoka convert to? Hinduism because he felt bad because of all saluter of kalinga.
Why did Asoka convert to Hinduism ? Because he felt bad because of all saluter of kalinga.
What belief helped Buddhism become popular. No matter what class you can be a Buddhist.
What scientific discovery did the Indian people come up with before it was thought to be discovered by the European. The earth was round.
What help trade in a big way that was created by the Indians The modern numbers (numerals)
How did Indian trade affect Southeast Asia. It spread out the culture and art.
Who founded the Hun dynasty Liu bang
Who help his government officials be qualified?
Who was the aristocratic general Xiangyu
How long did the Han dynasty last 400 years
Wudi Martial emperor
What is the name of the grass land that covers 2/5 of Africa. Savannah
What help to set up villages? Agriculture
Witch culture was first develop in west Africa Nok
Did west Africa have a cooper and Bronze Age No
What is the oldest city in Africa Djenne-djeno
What is a push pull factor What makes people move in or out of an area.
Name two push pull factors Economy lack of fertile land
During migration witch way did the Bantu - speaking people traveled South to southeast
What could be a reason the Bantu migrated Thy didn't have fertile land
How do we track migration of these early African people Through the langue they speak
What was the Greek book that described Aksum Zoskales
Wha attracted many people to adulis It was a great city for trade
What was the official religion of Aksum during king ezana's rule Christianity
Who invaded between 632-750 Islamic followers.
Terraces A new form of agriculture in Aksum
Created by: Jacobtodd