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Brock Herrod

Ch 7-8

Who was the leader of the first indian empire Chandragupta Maurya
What was a goal of asoka new edict Fair, human treatment of subject
What happened to the empire when asoka died It ended and india entered a period of turmoil
What was experienced during the gupta empire Advances in literature, art, science, and mathematics
What was kautilya handbook called Arthasastra
Matriarchal Headed by the mother
Patriarchal Headed by the father
What were india's 2 main faiths Hinduism and Buddhism
What are hindus three main gods Vishnu, brahma, and shiva
Where did all Buddhas want to go after death Nirvana
Who is one of india's greatest writers Kalidasa
What two things were popular in India Literature and drama
What was one thing invented in India Modern numerals
Silk road Road that increased trade and helped transportation
What china dynasty is divided into 2 parts Han Dynasty
Who found the Han Dynasty and became the first emperor Liu Bang
What happened if the emperor didnt do his job The heavens gave them earthquakes, floods, and famines
Who was at the top of the chinese structure The Emperor
Who was at the bottom of the chinese structure Slaves
Assimilation The adoption of a conquerers culture by a conquered people
Monopoly Groups exclusive control over the production and distribution of certain goods
What is the second largest continent in the world Africa
What are the deserts in africa Kalahari and sahara desert
Who were africas early people Nomadic hunter gaterers
What do men do in the san people Hunt
What do women and children do in the san Gather berries
What was africas earliest culture Nok
Animism Belief where people believe everything has spirits
What was a human pattern in human culture Migration
What is a way historians trace patterns of migration Through the pattern of languages speaken
Which direction did bantu speaking people travel South or southeast
What farming technique did these people use Slash and burn
What was africas main speaking language Bantu
Push pull factor Factor that moves people from their homeland to somewhere else
What is a result of bantu speaking people migrating Territorial wars broke out and cultures were taken over
Where did arab people cross The red sea
What is aksum An african kingdom
What did the greek guide book describe askum to be Zoskales
Why was the city of adulis so important It was the center of trade
What conflicted helped the fall of Aksum Christian aksumites and islamic invaders
Ezana A strong ruler
Adulis Aksum seaport
Created by: Brock11