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Raven Trecost

Ch 7-8

Who calculated pi? Aryabhta
Most Indians families were what? Patirachal
Who wrote Arthasastra Kautilya
What 3 gods were most important Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu
What did Asoka do Brought Maurya empire to where it is now
What is Tamil A language
What was Gupta empire Indian civilization
How did Seleucus stay at peace? He sent a amnassador, and chandragupta capital.
What did Buddha stress? Each person could state peace called Nirvana
Hose ego held Buddhas stricter were called? Theravada
Achievements in India Mathematics, art, literature, and science
Who was India's greatest writer? Kalidasa
Kalidasa most famous play was Shakuntala
How many Tamil poems still exist? Over 2,000
Silk roads? System of ancient caravan routes
He main difference between Hindu and Buddhist Subject matter
Effects on trade in India They didn't find it as dangerous anymore
Han Dynasty Ruled China for more than 400 year
centralized government Central authority controls the running of a state.
Where does Africa spread Across the equator
There coastline Few harbors, ports, and inlets
How big is Africa It's the second largest continent in the world
It stretches how much? 4,600 miles east to west 5,000 miles north to south
Total square miles 11.7 million
Sahara Largest desert
Cause of migration Human desire for change
Migration begins 2,000 years ago or earlier
They had to find ways with Bantu Either get outs their way or make peace
What did the Bantu speakers do? Exchanged ideas and intermarried with each other
Bantu speakers also brought? New techniques of agriculture.
East African kingdom of Kush did? Became so powerful they use north and conquer Egypt
Aksum African Kingdom known as Ethiopian and Eritrea.
Adulis At present day massawa
Ezana Succeeded to the throne an infant
When he finally became ruler he? Side Christianity is official religion
Aksum Isolated Islam spread the lands the conquered
Created by: Raventrecost