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Shaneena Kovar

Chapter 7-8

Why would Chinese keep their silk making methods a secret? So maybe their silk could be a one of a kind....
What African culture developed iron working? The nok people...
In what part of Africa did the Bantu originate? West
When did the Bantu migration begin? About 1000-1800 bc
Push- Pull factor Can either push a person out of an area or pull them into an area
Aksum was founded in? 300 bc
Who was the founder/ruler that we know of? Zoskales
What was the reason for aksum's decline? The rise of Islam cut them off from their trading partner
Aksum traded with.... Egypt
Aksum's' trade was financed by.... Coinage
Aksum exported Ivory, hippo hides, slaves, rhino horns, monkeys
Aksum imports Cloth, linen, adzes, iron, axes, cups of bronze
Most chinese lived in.... Rural areas
What is the key difference between Hinduism and Buddhism? Beliefs
What type of ruler was Chandragupta Maurya? He was a harsh ruler
Asoka was what type of ruler? One who promised to rule in a fair and just way.
Gupta empire Was India's second empire
Brahma Creator of the world
Vishnu Preserver of the world
Shiva Destroyer of the world
Han dynasty Ruled for over 400 years
Centralized Government Central authority contrails running of state
Sahara desert One of the largest deserts in Africa
Sahel Located in the southern edge of Sahara
Savannas Grassy plains
Griots Story tellers
Main goods in Indian trades Spices, diamonds, sapphires, etc
What role did women play in Han society? Wives, nuns, and scholars
Trade in India spread? Indian culture, Hinduism, and Buddhism
Some things Chinese invented.... Paper, collar, harness or water mill
Desertification Thrust easy process of drying of the soil
Migrations Continues to shape the modern world
Created by: ShaneenaKovar