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What does Renaissance mean? Rebirthing
When was the REN? 1300-1500
What is antiquity? Ancient Greece and Rome
How did Muslims influence the REN? Preserved Greek & Roman Texts Eastern goods make people rich
The REN started in _______ Italy
Because Italy was the former center of Rome, Home of the Vatican, and located in good traits spots, it was an ideal location for the beginning of the __________ Renaissance
The human is the center_______________________ And measure of all things
Name a family who commissioned art in Florence Medici (Paid for Renaissance)
3 aspects of REN art: Realistic, perspective, shading, About religion or antiquity
Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael were 3 _____________ Leaders of the high REN
Gutenberg was famous for? Inventing the moveable printing press
Which writer, believing power is more important than leading, wrote the Prince? Machiavelli
Selling indulgences, wars waged by the Church, The marital status of priests, and the bibles/services not being in vernacular were 4 reasons people criticized _____________ The Church
Luther's jobs were _______ monk and professor
If you donate to the church, you get time out of purgatory Indulgence
What did Luther do with the 95 theses? Nailed them to the church door and spread them out across the land
What did the church do to luther? Excommunicated him
Diet of Worms Trial making Luther an outlaw
Outcome of Peace of Augsburg Each Prince decides their religion
Protestant protestor of the Church
Why'd Henry VIII change England's religion? So he could divorce
Another name for Church of England Anglican Church
Why'd Crispy Mary hate Protestants? She thought they influenced her dad's changing of the religion.
Why was Mary called "Bloody Mary"? She burned 300 protestants alive
What'd Elisabeth do for England? Brought short time of peace and culture Globe theatre
Council of Trent brought forth Faith+Good Works= Salvation No indulgences Pope is supreme leader Jesuits
Jews were treated _______ by Catholics and Protestants during wars Badly
Humanism Humans are center of life
China in Us 1300s Explored west coast
Where REN started, run by Medici Florence
Home of Pope, located in Rome (kinda) Vatican
Painted on wet plaster Fresco
Les realistic, worse shading Gothic
Realistic, Shading, religion or antiquity REN
Mary with Jesus at the cross Pieta
Raphael buried? the Pantheon
Bi Sheng First printing press
Luther bible 1st bible written in vernacular.
Luthers wife ex-nun
Luther on peasant revolts: Not in my name
True or False: Luther hated Jews. True
Anti-Semitism Hating Jews
Recant To take back
Catholic Universal Church
3 Types of Christian Cathlic, Eastern Orthodox, Protestant
Henry's wives fates: Divorced, beheaded, died, divorced, beheaded, survived
Pope on Henry's divorce: Sorry, no. It's against the religion.
Mary's religion Strong Catholic
Elizabeth's religion Protestant
Elizabethian age short time of peace and culture
Created by: 1314laneypoynter