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Integumentary System

Macule (Freckle) Small, flat skin discoloration.
Vesicle Small fluid-filled sac.
Bulla Large fluid-filled sac.
Pustule Puss filled sac.
Impetigo (Honey colored crusts) Caused by Staph or Strep.
Folliculitis Superficial infection of hair folicle.
Furuncle (Boil) Deep seated infection of hair folicle or gland.
Carbuncle Infected hair folicle & subcutanous tissue.
Herpes Simplex (Cold sore/ fever blister) Genital Herpes.
Herpes Zoster (Shingles) Caused by chicken pox which lies dormat within nervous system for years.
Verruca (Wart)
Tinea Capitis Affects the Scalp.
Tinea Corporis (Ringworm) Affects the hairless parts of the body.
Tinea Cruris (Jock Itch) Affects the groin areas.
Tinea Pedis (Athletes Foot)
Tinea Unguium (Nails) Thickning & discoloration.
Tinea Vesicolor Affects the trunk, changes color.
Eczema Epidural layer usually involved.
Seborrheic Dermatitis Acute- Cradle Cap Chronic- dandruff.
Urticaria (Hives) Caused by foods, meds, stress.
Acne Overactive sebacecous glands.
Psoriasis (Silvery Scales) Exacerbations common during winter, stress, pregnancy.
Keloid Cause overproduction of scar tissue that does NOT resolve over time.
Alopecia (Baldness)
1st degree burn Red skin, no blister, painful.
2nd degree burn Blisters, red skin, painful (epi/dermis.)
3rd degree burn Full thickness burn, exposure of muscle, tendons, bone, extremely painful.
Prurtius Severe Itching.
Ecchymosis Bruise/ a black and blue mark.
Dermic Pertaining to the skin.
Cyano Combining form for blue.
Erythema Redness of skin.
Metastasis Secondary growth from a malignant tumor.
Edema Swelling.
-oma Suffix for tumor.
Turgor Elastic property of the skin.
Dysplasia Abnormally large cell with a increased number of cells that are abnormal.
Ulcer Open sore on the skin or mucous membrane that can bleed.
Xantho Combining form for yellow.
Petechiae Reddish brown spot on the skin wich can indicate a bleeding tendency.
Hyperplasia Increased number of cells.
BID Twice a day.
QID Four times a day.
TID Three times a day.
Four functions of the skin. Maintains hemostasis, maintains body temp, prevens infections, and protects the underlying tissue and organs from injury.
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