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Persian Facts

gilt covered thinly with gold paint
exploit a bold or daring feat
inquiry an act of asking for information
smitten struck with a firm blow
enamel glassy coat applied to metallic or hard surfaces
quiver an archers case for holding arrows
subsist to maintain something at a minimal level
sagacity the quality of having mental discernment and good judgment
usurp to take a position of power illegally or by force
satrap a provincial governor in the ancient Persian empire
tapestry a thick piece of fabric with pictures as designs used as a wall hanging or furniture covering
battlement a parapet or wall built on top of another structure with openings to shoot through
prostrate lying stretched out on the ground with one's face downward
satrapy the territory under the rule of a satrap
Light chief spirit of Ahuramazda
the royal road road connecting Susa and Sardis
Croesus king of Lydia defeated by Cyrus
Ahuramazda Persian god who was good in the world
the spirit of evil the enemy of Ahuramazda
Henry Rawlinson scholar who copied and read the inscriptions on the Behistun Rock
great king title for each king of Persia
Cyrus king of Persia, made Persia into a world empire
Sardis capital city of Lydia
Darius king of Persia
Abode of Falsehood hell
Zoroaster famous teacher of Persian religion
Cyrus king of Medes and Persia
Susa capital of the Persian empire
Lydia chief state in Asia Minor during the reign of Cyrus
Ecbatana capital of Medes
Medes ancient empire conquered by Cyrus of Persia
Xerxes son of Darius, king of Persia
Behistun Rock rock consisting of Persian and Babylonian inscriptions
Zend-Avesta sacred book of Zoroastrianism
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