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George Bennett


Hyksos Asiatic invaders.
New Kingdom 1570-1075 b.c
Thutmoses III A warlike Egyptian ruler.
Ramses II A successor to Thutmoses III
Nubia A region south of Egypt that was straddling the upper Nile river.
Piankhi A Kushite king that would become ruler of Egypt
Meroe The capital and center of the Kushite rule.
Assyria Country in southern Asia
Sennacherib An Assyrian king.
Nineveh Assyrian capital
Ashurbanipal A Assyrianng that collected many artifacts.
Medes An enemy of Assyria
Chaldeans An enemy of Assyria
Cyrus A Persian king that let the people he conquered keep their culture
Cambyses Cyrus's son and successor.
Darius Cambyses's successor.
Satrap A person that ruled locally.
Royal road Abroad that connected the Persian empire.
Confucius A scholars that founded Confucianism.
Filial petty A thing kids learned to respect their elders.
Bureaucracy A government in power.
Daoism A thought hat people should be led by the Dao.
Legalist People that wanted harsh rule in the government.
Yin and yang The natural rhythm of life.
Shi Huangdi A dictator type ruler and the first leader that supported Legalism.
What was the name of the dynasty that Ship Huangdi belonged to ? Qin Dynasty
Created by: George3