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Final Exam

-rrhage or -rrhagia to burst forth as in abnormal excessive discharge or bleeding
partial or complete disappearance of symptoms of a disease remission
myorrhexis rupture of a muscle
Evidence of a disease that can only be observed by the patient symptom
dysuria painful urination
Which plane cuts the body in superior and inferior sections? transverse plane
Which plane cuts the body in anterior and posterior sections/ frontal plane
Which fracture is commonly seen in the advanced stages of osteoporosis? compression fracture
Which type of joint is immovable and found only foudn between skull bones? suture
bursitis inflammation of the bursa
Which type of joints move in all directions? ball and socket joints
A fracture where bone is partially bent and only partially broken greenstick
Which connective tissue attaches bone to bone ligament
Which connective tissue attaches bone to muscle tendon
arthr/o joint
oste/o bone
-plasty surgical repair
-centesis puncture to remove fluid
-osis abnormal condition or illness
Fx Fracture
necrosis death of tissue
chondr/o cartilage
Surgical incision of a joint arthrotomy
Inflammation of bone and bone marrow osteomyelitis
Tumor of cartilage chondroma
Moving away from the midline abduction
Moving toward the midline adduction
Muscles that work in opposition of one another antagonistic
decreasing an angle as in bending a joint flexion
myorrhaphy suture of a muscle wound
hyperkinesia increase in motor function
ataxia without movement - inability ot move
tenalgia pain in the tendon
hemiparesis slight paralysis of one side of the body
normal oral temperature range 97.6-99.6
apnea without breathing
normal respiratory range 12-24 breaths per minute
normal adult pulse range 60-100 bpm
Where is the radial pulse taken? lateral side of the wrist
blood pressure goes over which pulse brachial
The first (bottom) level of Maslow's heirarchy of Needs physiological
dyspnea difficult/labored breathing
QD every day
Ad lib at liberty
Highest pressure against the walls of the blood vessel/when ventricles contract/top number of BP reading systolic
Carries deoxygenated blood fromthe right ventricle to the lungs pulmonary arteries
Chamber that first receives deoxygenated blood from the body right atria
Pulmonary vein sends oxygenated blood to this chamber of the heart left atria
phlebitis inflammation of the veins
thromb clot
Chronic heart condition where blood can back up in other parts of the body (liver, lungs, arms, legs) Congestive Heart Failure
Double walled sac that surrounds heart pericardium
abnormally slow heart beat bradycardia
Flow of blood between heart and lungs pulmonary circulation
Carries blood away from the heart arteries
Carries blood to the heart veins
Inflammatry condition of the heart valve valvulitis
Valve between the left atria and left ventricle bicuspid valve
Anoxia absence of oxygen
Provide mucus and make the skull lighter sinus
laryngoplegia paralysis of the larynx
windpipe trachea
passageway for air and food pharynx
vocal cords are within this part of respiratory system larynx
Cyanosis bluish color due to lack of oxygen
Hemoptysis spittiing bloodstained sputum
Pneumorrhagia bleeding from lungs
Airs sacs that exchange gases with pulmonary capillary blood alveoli
Keeps food from entering lungs during swallowing epiglottis
Stores bile gallbladder
Manufactures bile liver
Manufactures insulin pancreas
How many pounds are in a kg? 2.2
How many cc are in a mL? one cc = one ML
Peristalsis begins here esophagus
The middle section of the small intestine jejunum
Chemical digestion is completed small intestine
Saliva contains this enzyme amylase
Amylase digest which type of food carbohydrates
Appendicitis causes this side of the abdomen to hurt right
A Doctor is in this part of health service therapeutic
Utrasound technician is in this part of health service diagnostic
Not draping a patient violates which tort invasion of privacy
Not putting a side rail up violates which tort negligence
Most accurate way to take a temperature rectal
If pulse is irregular, how long should you measure it one minute
verbal defamation is called slander
written defamations is called libel
What time is 2000 in civilian time? 8:00 pm
What time is 0300 in civilian time? 3:00 am
What time is midnight in military time? 2400
What time is 2:00 pm in military time? 1400
What time is 2300 in civilian time? 11:00 pm
What type of communication is most communication in health care? interpersonal
hyperpnea abnormally deep and fast respirations
Tachypnea fast breathing
Shallow or slow breathing hypopnea
Part of kidney where filtration takes place glomerulus
cholecyst/o gall bladder
Another name for chewing mastication
Gives urine its yellow-amber color urochrome
Surrounds the glomerulus Bowman's capsule
Urethrectomy Removal of the urethra
Transports urine from the kidneys to the bladder ureters
Disease or symptom of long duration chronic
Disease or symptom with rapid onset, a severe course, and usually a short duration acute
visual examination of a joint arthroscopy
my/o or myos/o muscles
ton muscle tone
angi/o vessel
medical term for heart attack myocardial infarction
pnea breathing
excessive urination polyuria
enuresis bedwetting
-megaly enlargement
myeloma tumor derived from bone marrow
craniectomy surgical removal of part of the skull
kinesi movement
specializes in diagnosing and treating diseases and disorders of stomach and intestines gastroenterologis
cholecystalgia pain in gallbladder
colotomy surgical incision into colon
surgically create artifical opening at the ileum and abdominal wall ileostomy
urethralgia pain in urethra
Feeling important is in which stage of Maslow's Esteem
Linen service is under this health service Support
Change in physical size is known as Growth
Physical and mental capacity maturation and learning is known as Development
Spoken Defamation Slander
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