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One character in this book is the governor Tatnai, who is ordered to not disturb certain workers. This work's ninth chapter features news of mixed marriages, which culminates in the sending off of foreign wives and children. A literary chiasmus focusing o Book of Ezra
This religion is promoted by institutions such as the Professor's World Peace Academy, and the daughter-in-law of this religion's founder, Nansook Hong, wrote an exposé on this religion. Members of this religion believe that the world was created from the Unification Church
Some Muslims fast for this many days during the month of Shawwal, and there are this number of orders in the Misnah. There are this many items in a collection including maror and charoset, the foods on a traditional (*) Passover seder plate. On this day i six
Verse 21 of the 19th sura of the Koran is sometimes called a reference to it. Justin's 100th Dialogue with Trypho provides support for this doctrine, and Peter Comestor responded to St. Bernard's critique of it. Evidence in Scripture for this doctrine is Immaculate Conception
This denomination allows married men to become priests, but it does not ordain men whose wives were previously widowed or divorced. Member churches are considered “autocephalous” (OUGHT-oh-SEFF-uh-luss) in this denomination. It engages in religious govern Eastern Orthodox
The area around this river has been home to the Slavey people, a group of Dené, and it goes past the Norman Wells oil fields. Its longest feeder is the Liard River, which meets it at Fort Simpson in the Dehcho Region. It is fed near its end by the Peel an Mackenzie River
During his execution, this figure was pierced by the Lance of Longinus. In addition to yelling at a fig tree for not bearing fruit, this figure healed a pig-eating man from Gerasa possessed by a horde of devils named Legion. This man was put to death by P Jesus
One variety of this faith is outlined in the Pali (“POLLY”) Canon. Another variety venerates those who become enlightened but remain in samsara (“sam-SAHR-uh”), called bodhisattvas (“bo-dee-SOTT- vuhs”). Those varieties are Theravada (“THERE-uh-vah-duh”) Buddhism
According to the Koran, all angels, except Satan, prostrated themselves before this figure due to his knowledge. He was cursed to "eat bread until he returned to the ground." In the New Testament, he is seen as the source of death for all men. His transgr Adam
After initiation into the Khalsa (KAHL-sah) in this religion, adherents must wear a wooden comb, known as the “kanga”(KAHN-gah), and a steel bracelet, known as the “kara” (KAH-rah), which are two of the five K’s. Arjun (AR-joon) Dev compiled this religion Sikhism
This figure protected the seven daughters of Jethro, one of whom, Zipporah, became this figure's wife. This son of Yocheved (“YO-keh-ved”) once killed an Egyptian overseer who was beating a slave, after which this brother of Miriam fled to Midian until Go Moses
The flight of three of these girls from the Moore River Native Settlement to find their families was depicted in the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence, exemplifying what's known as the “stolen generations” of this people. They comprise numerous tribal entities, in Australian Aborigines
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