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Geometric Optics #2

Shadows, Pinhole Cameras, Prisms

What is umbra? Latin word for shade; another work for shadow
What is penumbra? Latins word meaning almost a shade
What does eclipse mean? Greek work for failure to appear.
In a pinhole camera the smaller the hole, the _______ the image. Sharper
Where does the word image come from? The Latin word Imaga, which means imitation
Images are ________, so they appear upside down? Inverted
What is a prism? An optical medium with non-parallel sides?
Angles inside and outside the prism are usually not _____? Equal
What are prisms used for? changing the apparent positions of the object; altering the direction light travels; measuring and correcting phorias and trophias; reflecting light
The two refracting surfaces are referred to as.... first and second surfaces, or front and back surfaces
What is the reflecting surface of a prism? The second surface if the critical angle is exceeded
What is the apical angle? The number of degrees between the first and second refracting surface. Referred to as (a)
The orientation of prisms is described according to it's? Base Direction
Prisms bend light towards the..? base
Prisms deviate light towards the...? Apex
What is dispersion? The breaking up of white light into its spectral components (wavelengths/colors)of the electromagnetic spectrum.
Created by: griffiskr