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CCD Questions

Who is a Christian? A Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ.
When did you become a Christian? I became a Christian at Baptism.
What is a Sacrament? A Sacrament an outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace.
What is the purpose of the Sacraments? the purpose of the ssssSacraments are to -Sanctify us -Give worship to God -Build up the Body of Christ
Do Sacraments always give grace? Yes, Sacraments always give grace if we receive them with the right dispositions. (Attitude)
What is Confirmation? Confirmation is the Sacrament in which the Holy Spirit comes to us in a special way to enable us to witness to Jesus Christ both in word and deed as committed Christians.
Who is the Holy Spirit who comes to us in Confirmation? The holy Spirit who comes to us in Confirmation is the third person of the Blessed Trinity.
Is the holy Spirit God? Yes, the Holy Spirit is God.
Is the Holy Spirit equal to the Father and the Son? Yes, the Holy Spirit is equal to the Father and the Son.
How does the Holy Spirit come in Confirmation? The bishop extends hands over those to be confirmed, and prays that they may receive the Holy Spirit, and anoints their foreheads with Chrism in the form of the cross.
How does the bishop confirm? Our Confirmation by the bishop reminds us of the first Pentecost.
What is Chrism? Chrism is oiled blessed by the bishop on Holy Thursday. It is a sign of the strength the Holy Spirit gives us to carry out a mission for Jesus.
What does the Bishop say when you are confirmed? Bishop: Rose be sealed with the gift of the Holy Spirit Me:Amen Bishop: Peace be with you Me: And also with you
Why does the bishop anoint the forehead with Chrism in the form of the cross? The Bishop anoints the forehead with Chrism in the for of the cross because the cross shows that the new task or mission will sometimes be difficult and he/she may have to suffer like Christ, her/his leader.
The effects of the Sacraments of Confirmation are? A) an increase in sanctifying grace B) a spiritual character that helps the one who receives it to publicly profess and defend the faith
How often may the Sacrament of Confirmation be received? Confirmation can be received only once. Like baptism Confirmation imprints a spiritual character.
What is the character of Confirmation? The character of Confirmation is a spiritual and permanent mark that signifies that the person confirmed is a witness to Christ and a defender of the Faith.
Why can baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders be received only once? Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Orders can only be received once because they imprint on the soul a spiritual mark, called a character, which lasts forever.
Why should all Catholics be confirmed? All Catholics should be confirmed in order to be strengthened against the dangers to salvation and to be better prepared to defend their Catholic Faith.
What special preparation should I make to receive Confirmation? In preparing to receive Confirmation I should pray, serve others, and now the chief mysteries or Faith and the duties of a Christian. We need to be instructed in the nature and effect of the Sacrament of Confirmation.
What is required to be a sponsor in Confirmation? A practicing Catholic, 16 years of age or older, already confirmed, to help the young person attain a mature faith by support, encouragement, and prayer
Which Sacraments are called the Sacraments of Initiation? Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist
Why are Baptism, Confirmation, and Holy Eucharist called the Sac Armenia of Initiation? Christian Initiation is celebrated in Baptsim, confirmation, and Holy Eucarist. It is through these visible actions that a person becomes a member of the church.
Explain how these Sacraments are visible signs of initiation? In Baptism Christians are reborn In Confirmation Christians are strengthened In Holy Eucharist Christians are sustained
The person who is Confirmed should be able to describe the first Pentecost. The account may be found in the Scriptures, Acts of the Apostles-Chapter Two
In what form did the Holy Spirit come upon the Apostles at the First Pentecost? The Holy Spirit that came upon the Apostles at the first Pentecost is the form of tongues of fire.
What are the Theological Virtues? The three theological virtues are Faith, Hope and Charity.
What are the cardinal Virtues? The Cardinal virtues are justice, prudence, fortitude, and temperance.
What are the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are wisdom, understanding, counsel, fortitude, knowledge, piety, and fear of The Lord
What are the Fruits of the Holy Spirit? Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, and self-control.
What are all of the Sacramentals? Holy water, ashes, palms, rosary, priest blessing, chrism (other oils), medal,statue, candle, crucifix, holy picture, and scapular
Created by: Alysa Akins



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