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Human Legacy Ch. 4.3

Monarchy in England

Restoration an event after Cromwell's rule in which Parliament voted to bring the monarchy back
royalist supporters of King Charles I during the English Civil War
Glorious Revolution bloodless overthrow of King James II by William and Mary
commonwealth a republican government based on the common good of the people
Thomas Hobbes he described human beings were by nature, selfish and fearful
Charles I he fought often with Parliament which led to the English Civil War, after which he was beheaded
Puritans a group of Calvanists that wanted to "purify the Church of England of Catholic traditions
Oliver Cromwell leader of the Roundheads and eventually became the Lord Protector of England
Charles II he was Charles I's eldest son ruled England after the Restoration; he supported religious tolerance, passed the Habeas Corpus Act, and reopened theaters
William and Mary a Protestant couple that became king and queen of England after the Glorious Revolution and signing the English Bill of Rights
constitutional monarchy a monarchy limited by law
James I he did not have a good relationship with Parliament and fought with the Puritans; he published the King James version of the bible
James II a strong Catholic who was overthrown by his daughter Mary in the Glorious Revolution
Parliament the national legislature of various countries, especially that of the United Kingdom, made up of the House of Lords and the House of Commons
sea dogs English captains that would attack and steal from Spanish ships for the queen
English Civil War war between Roundheads and Cavaliers in England