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chapter 33 uninary system

name 3 things possible during a cystourethroscopy kidney catherization, tumor bx, calcium removal,
Which kidney is displaced and why? Right (because of the placement of the liver)
inner layer of kidney: medulla
outer layer of kidney cortex
What is a urinary catheter?
what is incontinence? the inability to control the bodily evacuative functions of urination
what is retention? holding in of waste: the holding in the body of waste that is normally excreted
name different kinds of incontinence: stress, overflow, urge, Kegel exercise
most common; person sneezing, coughing or laughs causing what incontinence? stress
bladder never empties completely causing leakage is what type of incontinence? overflow
Unexpectedly strong, uncontrollable urge requiring immediate emptying of the bladder is what type of incontinence? Urge
stress incontinence Kegel exercise
what is Kegel exercise for? pelvic floor muscle exercises are done to strengthen the muscles which support the urethra, bladder, uterus and rectum.
What is a 24 hour specimen? collect all urinary out in 24hr period in a special container. provides info about protein, glucose, signs of infection, blood and cells which may be found in the urine
what is the Afferent arteriole? blood enters (Arrives) glomerulus
what is the Efferent arteriole? filtered blood Exits glomerulus
what is the amount of time solution circulates in the membrane during dialysis? dwell time is 4-6 hours
What is dialysate? solution that cleans the blood in dialysis
what is clean catch urine specimen used for? Cx, pregnancy, microscope evaluation
what are excretion? is the removal of waste products and other elements from blood
what is secretion? is the production of urine
what is elimination? the emptying of urine from bladder. (urinating)
Inflammation of the bladder due to foreign material (bacteria) invading through the urinary meatus Cystitis
When preforming an _______ test it is extremely important to know if the pt. has a an allergic reaction to....? (IVP)iodine and or shellfish
What is measured for input/output measurement? kidney function
double lumen, surgically inserted into jugular permacath
what is permcath used for? while waiting for AV fistula or synthetic graft to mature
it is a notch in the concover border of kidney hilum
what is the "threshold" and what happens if it is exceeded?
this specimen is required as a "scheduled" urinalysis, for example: A first morning specimen, or if a pt. is c/o urinary symptoms:
most common infections of the kidney; Inflammation of the kidney, causes fever, urgency, dysuria, back pain, burning, nocturia and hematuria Pyelonephritis
what is the treatment of pyelonephritis? antibiotics
microscopic filtering units, over 1 million in each kidney nephrons
cup-shaped top of nephron and surrounds the glomerulus Bowman's Capsule
network of about 50 capillaries; filters fluid and other useful substance out of blood and into Bowman's capsule glomerulus
are part of the nephron, the basic functional unit of the kidney. renal tubule
1st twisted section and is the portion of the duct system of the nephron of the kidney which leads from Bowman's capsule to the loop of Henle. Proximal convoluted tubule
goes into the medulla; The segment of the nephron of a vertebrate kidney that is situated between the proximal and distal convoluted tubules. It plays a role in the transport of ions and water and the concentrating of urine loop of Henle
twisted section returning to cortex; the most distal portion of the nephron and is responsible for the resorption of sodium, water and secretion of hydrogen potassium. Distal convoluted tubule
renal calculi kidney stones
Inherited disorder characterized by bilateral, grape-like clusters of fluid-filled sacs that replace normal renal tissue Polycystic kidney disease
introduction of a sterile tube into the bladder catheteriztion
name 3 things catheterizations do? 1)relief/discomfort due to retention 2)sterile specimen 3)instill meds
What is the formation of urine? Filtration, reabsorption, secretion, urinary output
two muscular tubes; drain urine from calyces through renal pelvis to urinary bladder; is moved through peristaltic waves; Renal calculi from solutes can form or become lodge here ureters
collapsible muscular sac; functions as a reservoir for urine urinary bladder
narrow tube leading from bladder to exterior(urinary meatus); functions are to carry urine to the outside urethra
Dialyzer artificial kidney
join artery and vein to create an access. Fistula
How long does it take for a fistula to mature 4-6 weeks
Purifying blood by allowing waste products to diffuse into dialysate solution hemodialysis
use pt.'s own peritoneal membrane to filter blood peritoneal dialysis
what is the dwell time in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis? 4-6hrs
assisted peritoneal dialysis; performed at night; take 6-8hrs; suited well for children continuous cycler
analysis of blood determines levels of? uric acid and urea nitrogen
Urinalysis determines the presence of blood cells, bacteria, acidity level
Urinalysis also determines specific gravity and physical characteristics such as? color, clarity and odor
breaking up of kidney stones by shockwaves lithotripsy
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