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JW - Roots

Medical Terminology Root Words

Root WordMeaning
acous, audi hearing
acusis hearing condition
aden gland
adip, lipid fat
adrena adrenal
aer air
aero gas
albumin protein
alges pain
alopec hair
ambly dim, dull
andr male
aneur widening
angi vessel
aort aorta
arter artery
arthr joint
ather plaque
bacter bacteria
balan glans penis
blephar eyelid
bronch bronchus
burs bursa
capn carbon dioxide
card heart
carp wrist
cerebr cerebrum
cerumin wax-like
cervic cervix
chol bile
chondr cartilage
col colon
condyle knob, knuckle
conjunctiv conjunctiva
corne cornea
crani skull
crine to secrete
crypt hidden
cutane, derm(at) skin
cyan blue
cyt, cyte cell
cyst, vesic bladder
dactyl finger or toe
diabet diabetic
duoden duodenum
eclamps shining forth
embol embolus
encephal brain
enter intestine
esthes sensation
esophag esophagus
femor thigh bone
fibr fiber
gastr stomach
glauc gray
glyc, glycos sugar
gynec woman
hema(at) blood
heap(at) liver
herni hernia
hist tissue
humer upper arm bone
hyster uterus
irid, ir iris
kerat hard
keto ketones
kyph backward curve
labyrinth inner ear
lacrim tear duct
lact milk
lapar abdomen
laryng larynx
leuk white
lith stone
lord forward curve
lymph lymph
mamm, mast breast
melan black
men mentruation
mening meninges
ment, psych(o) mind
my muscle
myel spinal cord
myring, tympan eardrum
myx mucus
nas, rhin nose
necro death (of cells, etc)
nephr, ren, ur kidney
neur nerve
ocu, ophthalm, opt eye
onych nail
opia, opt vision
orch, orchid testis
orexia appetite
oste bone
ot ear
ovari ovary
ox, oxy oxygen
pancreat pancreas
patell knee cap
pector chest
ped, pod foot
pelv pelvis
pepsia digestion
phag swallow
phalang bones of fingers and toes
phas speech
phleb, ven vein
phor sweat
plas development
pneumon lung, air
prostat prostate gland
pulmon lung
rachi, spondyl, vertebr vertebrae
respir breath
retin retina
rhabdo rod
salping tube (fallopian, eustachian, etc)
secre secretion
semin semen
sperm sperm
sep putrify
sinus sinus
somat body
splen spleen
stenosis narrowing
stern sternum
stigmat point(ed)
tendin tendon
tetan tetanus
thromb clot
thym thymus
thyroid thyroid
tibi larger lower leg bone
toc birth
uresis, uria urination
ureter ureter
urethr urethra
uter uterus
vagin vagina
vas(cu) blood vessel
vas vessel, duct
veric vericose veins
test testis, testicle
Created by: JWinberry