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Morality & Justice


sustainable developement raises a countries standard of living while sustaining its natural resources for the future
prejudice an attitude of hostility directed at where groups of people
integrity of creation the way creations many indterdependent relationships fir together as a harmonious who
wage gap the diff between the amount paid to different groups of people for thier work
racism personal sin and social disorder rooted in the belief that one race is superior to another
Globaliztion of the economy the economies of diff nations are increasingly tied together by interdependent relationships
chronic hunger never having enough food to give the body the nutriant needed to grow and maintain properlystavation
starvation when the body doesn't receive enough calories to maintain itself
malnutritian enough calories to prevent a body from feeding on itself
economics the way societies produce, manage and distribute material wealth
poverty of being living crazily
conflict disagreement between people or groups who have opposing needs, goals or beliefs
arms race the competition between rivals to have the biggest and best military force
peace the harmony theat results when people resove conflicts by working in love for the good of all
pacifism the opposition to the use of violence to resolve conflict
diplomacy the resolution of disputes between nations through talks and negotiations
civil disobedience intentionally breaking unjust laws
compassion understanding both in heart and mind others experience of suffering
cardinal james Gibbons supporte the labor union called the knoghts of labor
dorthy day journalist and activist who started the catholic worker moveent
Pope Leo XIII wrote rerum novarum and established a savings bank for the poor
Karl Marx criticized capitalism and wrotw the Communist manifesto
Frederic Ozanan started St. V de Paul
stewardship the responsibility that people have to respect and care for all creation
ecological economics includes the value of the environment in ecomic decision making
human dignity basic goodness of human beings that comes from always being loved by God
Original Sin the rejection of their humaity as created in God's image
Grace the transforming love of God
Justice the establishment of loving relationships among huma beings, God and creation so that life can flourish in the way God intends
Enlightenment up & coming social political philosphical movement asserted that reason and science are the basis for knowing truth
World view basic beliefs that guide the way someone relates to the world
Respect to look beyond outer appearances and first impressions to see the goodness that is the foundation of aall God's creation
Social Structures paterns of relationships that shape any sciety
Retributive Justice the approach to criminal justice in which the emphasis is on hurting the offender
Euthanasia the intentional killing of someone whose life is deemed to be no longer worth living
Stereotype view of a person or group based on inaccurate or incomplete knowlege
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