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BMMS Egypt

BMMS Egypt Ch. 5 Vocabulary

cataract a series of waterfalls along the Nile River
delta the area near a river's mouth where the water deposits fine soil or silt
silt fine soil deposited by a river
fertile rich soil good for growing crops
linen a type of fabric woven from the flax plant
scribe a person whose job is to write and keep records
hieroglyph a picture that stands for a word or letter
papyrus a paperlike material made from a reed plant of the same name
afterlife life that takes place in another world after death
embalm to preserve a body after death
mummy a body that has been dried so it won't decay
dynasty line of rulers from the same family
succession the order in which members of a royal family inherit the throne
pharaoh the title of the king of Egypt means "Great House"
step pyramid a pyramid with sides that rise in a series of steps
Khufu the pharaoh who built the Great Pyramid at Giza
obelisk a four-sided shaft with a pyramid shaped top
Ramses II the pharaoh who ruled Egypt from 1279 to 1213 B.C. and created a stable empire
limestone a type of sedimentary rock used to build the pyramids in Egypt
Valley of the Kings burial site for pharaohs during the New Kingdom
Rosetta Stone a stone slab, found in 1799 near Rosetta, bearing parallel inscriptions in Greek, Egyptian hieroglyphic, and demotic characters, making possible the decipherment of ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.
ankh a cross with a loop on top which stands for everlasting peace
Great Pyramid the largest of the pyramids at Giza, built by the pharaoh Khufu
natron a mixture of salt and baking soda used during the mummification process
amulet a piece of jewelry worn to ward off evil spirits
Sphinx a figure of an imaginary creature having the head of a man or an animal and the body of a lion.
shaduf a mechanism for raising water, consisting of a pivoted pole with a bucket at one end and a counterweight at the other, used to bring water to crops
Nile the longest river in the world, 4160 miles long
black land the narrow band of fertile land bordering the sides of the Nile River
red land the barren desert beyond the fertile regions
King Djoser this pharaoh built the step pyramid
Thutmose III a pharaoh who conquered the Middle East, stepson to Hatshepsut
Akhenaton this pharaoh replaced the Egyptian gods with a sun disc called the Aton. Father to King Tutankhamen.
polytheism the belief in many gods
nilometer the method the Egyptians used to measure the rise and fall of the Nile River
King Menes (Narmer) a legendary king who united Upper and Lower Egypt into one kingdom
cartouche a oval figure that encloses the name of a royal personage
canopic jars jars used to hold the organs of a mummified body
Book of the Dead a book containing magic spells, prayers, hymns, and formulas to guide the soul in the afterlife
pyramid A structure with four triangular sides that meet at a point. Used as a burial chamber for a pharaoh.
Hatshepsut first female pharaoh, increased the power of Egypt through trade and built many obelisks.
Jean Francois Champollion He deciphered the Rosetta Stone allowing us to read hieroglyphics.
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