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pharaohs and their monuments

What is another name for the New Kingdom? The golden age
What Kingdom did pharaoh Khufu rule in? The Old Kingdom
How long was the Middle Kingdom? 200 years
Who was the first female pharaoh? Hatshepsut
who had the most monuments and statues made than any other pharaoh? Pharaoh Ramses the second
What is pharaoh Senusret known as? The patron of the arts
what happens twice a year at Abu Simbel? The sun lines u with the entrance
Why was the White Chapel built? To honor Senusret
Name the three Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt, what they are know as and how long they lasted. The old Kingdom/age of the pyramids/500 years The middle Kingdom/reunification/200 years New Kingdom/Golden age/500 years
What did Pharaoh Khufu declare himself? A god
How long did it take to build the great pyramid of Giza? 20 years
Did people say Khufu was good or bad? Both, he had mixed reviews
which pharaoh made a peace treaty with the hittites? Ramses the second
What was Hatshepsut's greatest accomplishment? Her rise to power
What did Hatshepsut pretend she was? A man she dressed up like one.
What did Hatshepsut demand? The same respect shown to male pharaohs
what is the definition of pharaoh? A ruler of Ancient Egypt
What did Hatshepsut actively encourage? Trade
what is Ramses the second known as? Ramses the great
What is one big thing Khufu was known for? The great Pyramid of Giza
Created by: kendallherron