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15.1 Musculoskeletal

CF Musculoskeletal

abdomin/o abdomen
alges/o sensation of pain
alg/o pain
anter/o before; front part
asthen/o lack of strength
athet/o without position or place
bi/o life; living organism; living tissue
brachi/o arm
buccinat/o cheek
burs/o bursa
chir/o hand
cleid/o clavicle
contract/o pull together
contus/o bruising
cortic/o cortex; outer region
cost/o rib
delt/o triangle
dermat/o skin
duct/o bring; move; a duct
electr/o electricity
extens/o straightening
extern/o outside
fasci/o fascia
fibr/o fiber
flex/o bending
front/o front
ganglion/o ganglion
gastr/o stomach
habilitat/o give ability
iatr/o physician; medical treatment
inflammat/o redness and warmth
incis/o to cut into
inject/o to put in; introduce
insert/o to put in; introduce
kines/o movement
malign/o intentionally causing harm; cancer
masset/o chewing
mast/o breast; mastoid process
mot/o movement
muscul/o muscle
my/o muscle
myos/o muscle
neur/o nerve
pronat/o face down
orbicul/o small circle
oste/o bone
pector/o chest
perone/o fibula (lower leg bone)
physi/o physical function
pod/o foot
pract/o medical practice
pronat/o face down
radi/o radius (forearm bone); x-ray
relax/o relax
rhabd/o rod shaped
rotat/o rotate
sarc/o connective tissue
skelet/o skeleton
stern/o sternum (breast bone)
steroid/o steroid
supinat/o lying on the back
synov/o synovium (membrane)
tax/o coordination
tempor/o temple (side of the head)
tendin/o tendon
ten/o tendon
then/o thumb
therap/o treatment
thym/o thymus; rage
tibi/o tibia (shin bone)
tort/o twisted positon
trasmitt/o to send across or through
throph/o development
vers/o to travel; to turn
vert/o to travel; to turn
vuls/o to tear
volunt/o done of one's own free will
Created by: vikingmedterm