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Female reproduction

Oophor/o OR Ovari/o Ovary(ies)
The ovaries are the bilateral female gonads that produce: 1.)Ova(female sex cells)AKA oocytes 2.)Estrogen(female sex hormone)
Ovarian Pertaining to an ovary
Oophoritis Inflammation of an ovary
Oophorectomy Surgical removal of an ovary
Salping/o AND -salpinx Fallopian tube(s)OR Uterine tube(s) Oviduct(s)
The fallopian tubes (uterine tubes OR oviducts) are Bilateral ducts that carry ova(eggs)from the ovaries to the uterus
Salpingitis Inflammation of a fallopian tube
Salpingectomy Surgical removal of an oviduct
Oophorosalpingectomy Excision of an ovary AND oviduct
Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy(BSO) Surgical removal of the oviducts AND ovaries
Salpingocele Herniation of a uterine tube
Pyosalpinx Pus in a oviduct
Hematosalpinx Blood in a fallopian tube
Hydrosalpinx Fluid in an oviduct
Salpingostomy A new opening into a fallopian tube to restore patency
Patent OR patency means Open
Bilateral tubal ligation Tying AND/OR cauterizing(burning)the fallopian tubes to cause sterilization
(infertility)AKA "having my tubes tied"
Hyster/o OR metr/o OR metr/i OR uter/o Uterus
The layperson would call the uterus "The womb"
The uterus is where the Embryo/fetus gestates
An embryo is a Fertilized ovum(egg)for the first eight weeks of gestation
Fertilization is the joining of an Ovum AND spermatozoon<--(singular)
Gestation is the Development of a fertilized ovum(in the uterus)AKA pregnancy
A fetus is a Fetilized ovum after 8 weeks of gestation (pregnancy)
Intrauterine device(IUD) Pertaining to a contraceptive placed within the uterus
Total Abdominal Hysterectomy(TAH) Excision of the uterus through the abdomen
Hysteratresia Closure of the uterine cavity
Hysteroptosis Drooping or sagging(prolapse)of the uterus AKA a "tipped uterus OR tilted uterus"
Hysteropexy Surgical fixation of the uterus
Sonohysterography The process of recording the uterus by use of sound waves
Metrorrhagia A rapid flow of blood from the uterus
HysteroSalpingogram(HSG) A record of the uterus AND fallopian tubes
Hysteroscope A lighted instrument to veiw the uterus
Hysteroscopy The process of veiwing the uterus with a lighted instrument
Perimetritis Inflammation of the outer layer of the uterus(perimetrium)
Myometritis Inflammation of the muscle layer of the uterus(myometrium)
Endometritis Inflammation of the inner lining of the uterus(endometrium)
Hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy Excision of the uterus,a fallopian tube,AND an ovary
Men/o Menstruation OR menses
Menstruation(menses)is the cyclic 28 day sloughing(shedding)of the endometrium
Menorrhea Menstrual flow(menstruation)
Dysmenorrhea Difficult OR painful menses(menstruation)
Oligomenorrhea Scanty(deficient)menstrual flow
Hypermenorrhea Excessive menstrual flow
PreMenstrual Syndrome(PMS) Physical AND emotional symptoms occurring 1-2 weeks before menstruation(menses)
Menarche(menarcheal) The first menstrual cycle
Menopause Cessation(stoppage)of menstruation due to hormone(estrogen)insufficiency
Cervic/o CerviX(CX)
The CerviX is the Inferior portion (neck)of the uterus
Cervicitis Inflammation of the CerviX(CX)
Endocervicitis Inflammation of the inner lining of the CerviX(CX)
Cervicectomy Excision of the CerviX(CX)
Vagin/o OR colp/o Vagina
The vaginal lining consists of Mucous membranes which produce Mucus
Vaginitis OR colpitis Inflammation of the vagina
Colpalgia A condition of vaginal pain
Colpoplasty Surgical repair of the vagina
Anterior AND posterior colporrhaphy Sutering the front AND back of the vagina AKA an A+P repair
Colposcope A lighted instrument to veiw the vaginal
Colposcopy The process of veiwing the vagina with a lighted instrument
Episi/o OR vulv/o Vulva
The vulva is the Female external genitalia
Episiotomy Surgical incision of the vulva
Episiorrhaphy Suturing the vulva
Vulvovaginal Pertaining to the vulva AND vigina
Vulvovaginitis Inflammation of the vulva AND the vagina
Vulvectomy Surgical removal of the vulva
Perine/o Perineum
The perineum is the Area between the vaginal opening(os,orifice,meatus)AND anus.
The peritoneum refers to the Abdominal lining
Perineorrhaphy Suturing of a perineum
Episioperineoplasty Surgical repair of the vulva AND the perineum
Colpoperineorrhaphy Suturing of the vagina AND the perineum
Culd/o Douglas'cul-de-sac
Douglas'cul-de-sac is the Area between the posterior wall of the uterus AND the rectum AKA the rectouterine pouch
Culdoscope A lighted instrument used to veiw Douglas'cul-de-sac
Culdoscopy The process of veiwing Douglas'cul-de-sac with a lighted instrument
Culdocentesis Sugical puncture of the Douglas'cul-de-sac
Mamm/o OR mast/o Breast(s)
The breasts are Bilateral organs of lactation(milk production)
Mastitis Inflammation of a breast
Mastalgia A condition of breast(pain)
Mastoptosis Prolapse(drooping OR sagging) of a breast
Mammogram A record(X-ray)of a breast
Mammography The process of recording a breast
Mammotome An instrument used to cut breast tissue
Mastectomy Surgical removal of a breast
Subcutaneous mastectomy Surgical removal of breast tissue
Simple OR total mastectomy Surgical removal of breast tissue AND papilla(nipple)
Modified radical mastectomy Surgical removal of breast tissue,papilla(nipple)AND lymph nodes
Halstead OR radical mastectomy Surgical removal of the breast tissue,papilla(nippe)lymph nodes,AND underlying muscle
Mammoplasty Surgical repair of a breast
Bilateral breast augmentation A mammoplasty designed to enhance the size of the breasts
Breast biopsy(Bx) Obtaining a tissue sample from a breast lump to determine if the cells are malignant OR benign
Lumpectomy Surgical removal of a lump
Gynecologist Specialist in the study of female reproductive system
Gynopathic Pertaining to disease of the female reproductive system
Leukorrhea White discharge from the vagina
Dyspareunia A condition of difficult OR painful intercourse
Ossa Plural for os
Sitz bath A warm bath of the perineum used for healing AND cleansing
Dilatation(dilation)+Curettage(D+C) Surgical scraping of the endometrium(inner lining of the uterus)
Laparoscopy The process of using a lighted instrument to veiw the abdomen OR pelvic cavity
Fistula Abnormal passageway
Vesicovaginal fistula An abnormal passageway between the urinary blabber AND the vagina
Pap test OR Pap smear A cervical cytology test
A PAP test(smear)is performed to detect a cervical malignancy
Speculum An instrument for opening a body cavity to allow visual examination
Cryosurgery Freezing tissue to destroy cells
Pendulous Hanging down
Ca Cancer OR calcium
CX Cervix OR culture
GYN Gynecology
LMP Last Menstual Period
LEEP Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure
DC DisCharge(d){d/c}OR DisContinue(d) {D/C}
DOB Date Of Birth
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