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Human Legacy Ch. 4.2

Absolute Monarchy and France

Huguenot a French Protestant
Saint Batholomew's Day Massacre a massacre of 7000 to 8000 Huguenots in Paris authorized by king Charles IX and his mother Catherine de Medici on August 24, 1572
Henry IV king of France that issued the Edict of Nantes which allowed Protestant worship in order to restore the peace; was known as Henry of Navarre before he married the Catholic princess of France
Edict of Nantes a declaration of Henry IV in which he promised that Protestants could live and worship peacefully in France
Louis XII king of France from 1610 to 1643 who was a relatively weak ruler and he let cardinal Richelieu hold great sway during his reign
Cardinal Richelieu French minister ans chief minister of Louis XIII who wanted to strengthen the monarchy and fought Huguenot resistance
Louis XIV king of France from 1643 to 1715 who built the Palace of Versailles to keep absolute power and was known as the Sun King
War of the Spanish Succession war fought over the Spanish throne and Louis XIV fought a war against the English, the Dutch,and The Holy Roman Empire
Treaty of Utrecht treaty that ended the War of Spanish Succession and gave the throne of Spain to Louis XIV's grandson, but not to France
What happened on the day known as the Saint Batholomew's Day Massacre? a fight between the Catholics and Protestants that killed 70000 people and started at a wedding
Why do you think Catholics were willing to accept the Edict of Nantes? gave more power to Catholics, named Catholicism as the official religion of France, and reduced conflict
What were some of the most important achievements of King Henry IV? improved the economy, ended their debt,built new industries, drained swamps, built roads, encouraged farming, and stimulated trade
How would you describe Richelieu's "grand plan" for strengthening the French monarchy? crush all opponents to the monarchy
What was one effect of Richelieu's victory a La Rochelle? sent a message to the Huguenots not to challenge the monarchy
What do you think was the main reason that Richelieu became involved in the Thirty Years' War? he wanted to destroy the Hapsburg family