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Nationalism SDHS

Nationalism -Denny

Who was the leader of the unification of Italy? Giuseppe Garibaldi
Who was the leader of the unification of Germany? Otto von Bismark
What is a dual monarchy? When two countries are ruled by one monarch
What family was ruling Austria in the 1800s? The Hapsburgs
What meeting split apart the Italian Peninsula into multiple city-states? The Congress of Vienna
How many states made up the German Confederation? 39
What were the two strongest and biggest states/countries of the German Confederation? Austria & Prussia
In what year did Prussians begin revolting against their king and demanding more of a democracy? 1848
Who was the last czar of Russia? Nicholas II
At what event were peaceful protesters shot at by order of the czar? Bloody Sunday
What did the October Manifesto promise? Democratic reforms for Russia
Who was responsible for the October Manifesto? Nicholas II
If you worked for a landlord and were considered part of his property, what was your occupation? A serf
What family ruled Russia in the 1800s and early 1900s? The Romanovs
Who were the followers of Garibaldi? The Red Shirts
What fighting tactic did Garibaldi use to fight for Italian unification? Guerrilla Warfare
What prince from Austria had a huge influence over the decisions made at the Congress of Vienna? Prince Metternich
What nationalistic minority in Austria was included in the newly created dual monarchy? The Magyars
How many nationalistic minorities could be found in Austria? 9
What is nationalistic minority? A small portion of a country that is more loyal to their ethnic group than their country
What economic alliance was agreed upon between the 39 states of the German Confederation? Zollverein
What were the four steps to German Unification (in the correct order)? 1. Revolutions of 1848 2. Prussian King Promises Change but never does 3. Zollverein 4. Otto von Bismarck leads Prussia in war to unite Germany
Who did Otto von Bismarck wage war with in an effort to unite the German Confederation? Austria and France
Who did Otto von Bismarck go to war with first? Austria
What are the five elements that typically make a person feel nationalistic? History, language, religion, culture, territory
In what year did Germany unify? 1871
What was the Second Reich? The Second "Empire" or Germany's government after unification
Created by: carolinedenny