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World History

Hinduism Swattika from Sanskirt meaning well being. The symbol signifies how good is done, by staying away from desire and wealth. Verna meand skin color. Overtime the class restrictions become more rigid. Verna was distinguishing feature of the caste system. The
Gods Brahman- world soul that contains all individual souls. All gods are concrete forms of the Brahman. The IMPORTANT Gods are: Brahma- creator Vishnu- preserver Shiva- destroyer
Aryans Called themselves "noble ones" or the "superior ones". They were indo-europeans. Invaded Indian subcontinent. Nomads from the north of the Hindu Kush Mountains. Thier sacred scriptures were written in Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language.
Vedasare Vedas are four collections of prayers, magical skills, & instructions for performing rituals. Upanishads diologues exploring how to achieve liberation from desires and suffering.
Moksha The state of perfect understanding of all things when a person underestands the relationship between atman & Branhman he has achieved moksha & a release from life in this world. Moksha may take many lifetimes to achieve
Castes/Verna The caste system was based on occupation
Dharma Dharma- duty -Purpose in life to follow dharma and perform duty
Karma Karma- how you life this life determines what you'll be in the next. Follows you from one life to another. -Live a good life -Fulfill your dharma
Samsura Samsura-reincarnation-souls rebirth. Occurs until moksha is achieved
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