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Folk & Pop Chapter 4

Flashcards for vocabulary and questions from the "Wozepardy" game.

The current diffusion of soccer is an example of what? Folk culture changing into popular culture
In heavily forested areas, wood is a main building material. Similarly, in regions where mud is prominent, bricks are common in traditional architecture. What can be said about the relationship between building materials and the environment? Resources used for building materials are determined by the local environment.
What is the effect of popular culture coming into LDCs on women, in particular? More opportunities are created and pursued outside the house and traditional clothing changes to Western business attire.
High population of chicken can have what impact on grain supplies? Grain supplies are essentially wasted when fed to chicken instead of direct, more efficient consumption by humans.
A repetitive act performed by a particular individual; ex. Biting nails, thumb sucking etc. Habit
Rapid diffusion of popular culture is due largely to ____________ ____________________ and ________________. Modern communication, technology
The frequent repetition of an act, to the extent that it becomes characteristic of the group of people performing the act; ex. Wearing Converse is typical of American students. Custom
Which states in America have the highest concentration of golf courses in America? The Northern-central states
Which of the following is false: 1. Popular culture varies from time to time. 2. Popular culture varies from place to place. 3. Folk culture varies from time to time. A. both 1 and 2 B. both 2 and 3 C. only 2 D. only 1 B. both 2 and 3
What is the goal of restaurant, hotel, and business franchises when constructing similar buildings? These companies want to achieve a uniform landscape to ensure that customers will be familiar with their surroundings even in new locations.
What is the difference between the diffusion of television and the internet? The Internet diffused globally in approximately 10 years, while television took about 50 years to reach a worldwide audience.
Culture traditionally practiced by a small, homogeneous, rural group living in relative isolation from other groups; ex. Tribes in Asia and Africa have _________ ___________ because they are isolated and are practiced in small groups. Folk culture
The type of snack food or beverages enjoyed by people in specific locations are largely determined by what is ____________ _____________. Locally produced
Which two religions are against the consumption of pork? Islam and Judaism
What is the most important type of architecture in American housing? Neo-Eclectic style
In which state of the United States is alcohol consumption the lowest? Who resides there? Utah; a large population of Mormons inhabit the state, and it is against their religion to drink alcoholic beverages.
By what type of diffusion is folk culture spread? Relocation diffusion
Where was the hearth of hip hop in the 1970s? The South Bronx
Jeans are an example of American _______________ ________________ Popular culture
Varying styles of house construction is are well suited to the geographic method of _____________. Fieldwork
In contrast to folk culture, popular culture is typical of ____________, __________________ groups. Large, heterogeneous
The use of a horse and buggy is an example of _______________ ________________. folk culture
Why is there little wine production in Asia? There is a lack of tradition for making wine.
True or false: Vietnamese folk songs were used to convey information about agriculture. True
Which type of culture originates based on familiar events in everyday life? folk culture
What is cultural diversity encouraged by? Isolation
How did soccer spread to other countries by the British? British soldiers occupied other European countries, spreading the sport there.
What kind of diffusion spreads popular culture? Hierarchal diffusion
A restriction on behavior imposed by social customs; ex. Kosher laws Taboo
What regional art draws inspiration from religion and the environment? Himalayan Art
Is there a high concentration of golf courses in the Sun Belt? No
What are three factors that influence the choice of clothing in Western countries? Occupation, level of income, and knowledge
Culture found in a large, heterogeneous society that shares certain habits despite differences in other personal characteristics; ex. Hello Kitty Popular culture
Why do some folk cultures continue practicing their cultures even though there is popular culture that has been diffused to these areas? They want to preserve their cultures.
The contribution of a location's distinctive physical features to the way food tastes; ex. in Northern Europe there are many trees, so there is a lot of firewood. In this region, foods are stewed for long periods of time. Terroir
Which of the types of culture is more likely to spread? Popular culture
True or False: All food taboos originate because of the physical environment. False
Created by: SydneyR
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