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World History Ch3

Prentice Hall World History Connections to Today

In Aryan society, people were organized into castes by... occupation.
What was one characteristic of the Indus Valley civilization? The cities were very well planned.
China was more isolated from the rest of the world than other early civilizations because... it is surrounded by mountains, jungles, deserts, and an ocean.
South Asia is the birthplace of Hinduism and what? Buddhism.
The Chinese believed that the universe reflected a delicate balance between which two forces? yin and yang.
What is one reason that we know so little about the civilization that arose in the Indus Valley in 2500 B.C." Archaeologists have not fully uncovered many Indus Valley sites.
In 1027 B.C., the Zhou people claimed that they had the Mandate of Heaven and ... overthrew the Shang.
Describe the Aryan epics. They tell stories of family, war, and love.
Indians depend of summer rains brought by severe winds called... monsoons.
The people in the Indus Valley were the first to... cultivate cotton and weave its fibers into cloth.
The nickname "River of Sorrows" refers to the... Huang He.
At the beginning of the Aryan civilization, what group enjoyed the highest prestige among the people? warriors.
When the Aryans became settled farmers, families measured their wealth by what? the number of cows and bulls they owned.
What helped the Aryans to expand into eastern and northeastern India? tools and weapons made of iron.
The Vedas are a written collection of prayers, hymes, and other religious teachings of what group? the Aryans.
During the Shang dynasty, most people lived in farming villages.
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