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Semester 2 Exam--Vocab

wholeness the state of being complete or entire. Nothing is lacking
integration the blending or uniting of different things into one whole
paradise another name for heaven or the kingdom of God. It's the state of being completely in union with God
holiness the perfect state of goodness and righteousness. God alone is perfectly holy but he calls all ppl to become holy
Holy Grail The legendry cup of the last supper which contains Christ's blood. According to legend, anyone who drinks from it will live forever
Union with God a state of eternal happiness, life, and oneness with God
Single-heartedness the virtue that enables us to envision a goal and keep our attentions and energies focused on reaching it. The ability to want one thing with all our hearts
purity of heart single-minded focus on goodness and the things of God. having motives that are free from moral fault or guilt
angel a pure spirit created by God; a mesenger of GOd
New Testement the inspired 27 books of the New Covenant, written about Jesus and the faith of the first christians
Self-actualization the state of being fully alive, human, whole, and holy. A state in which all the virtues are integrated into a person's character
fundamentalist a term that describes a Christian who interprets the Bible literally
1st Degree of Love love which consists of self-love and healthy self esteem
second degree of love love tat consists of love for God. Grateful for the good we've recieved
third degree of love we love God for GO'd own goodness, power, wisdom, mercy, and justice
fourth degree of love God and the person become perfectly one. we gaze upon god's face and are transformed
phile a type of love in which one person feels a warm, voluntary feeling of attachment, devotion, and tenderness toward another
eros a type of love that involves ardent passion and sexual attraction between two people
agape a type of love that consists of unselfish, loyal, and benevolent concern for the good of another person
generosity the unselfish giving of one's time, money, and help without expectation of anything in return
kindness the gentle, sympathetic, and helpful offereing of relief
compassion sympathetic awareness of others' distress, together with a desire to alleviate their suffereings
community a group of people linked together by common values and characters
Corporal Works of Mercy acts of kindness and compassion by which we help better the physical condition of others
covetousness a capital sin that is simmilar to greed. It is selfishness "to the max", the self-centereed grasping of material possesions
citizenship a person's membership and participation in a particular socail group
public service an action or work that benefits all the people of a particular community
common good waht is beneficial to everyone or almost everyone in a particular communtiy
solidarity oneness with others; the recognition that we are all responsible for the welfare of the human family, regardless of national, reacial, or economic differences
Bill of Rights the first 10 ammendments of the US Constitution in which certain rights are guarenteed to all US citizens
Civic Responsibility a sense of duty to take part in the concerns and welfare of a particular community
loyalty faithful allegiance to a person or government
patriotism love for and devotion to one's country
treason the offense of engaging in acts of war against one's own country, or seeking to give aid to the enemies of one's own country, especially during time of war
torture the infliction of great pain or anguish, either physical or psychological
terrorism any acr that intends to kill people and destroy property indiscriminately and to creat a climate of fear and uncertainty
justice a cardinal virtue that is basic to other moral virtues, It enables us to know that which is proper, fair, and correct
cardinal virtue fundamental virtues that are the root of all the other moral virtues. They are justice, prudence, temperance, and fortitude
moral virtues virtues that enable us to relate in good ways to other people
commutative justice the type of justice that calls for fairness and equality in all agreements and exchanges between individuals
contributive justice the type of justice that obliges us to participate in society and work for the common good of all people
discrimination unfair treatment of others because oof their race, ethnic backround, age, gender, health status, sexual orientaion, or religious beliefs
racism discrimination against others because of racial identity
anit-semitism a type of racism that discriminates against Jews
Xenophobia fear and injust treatment toward newcomers and immigrants
sexism discrimination against others (usually women) because of race
Homophobia fear and discrimintion against homosexuals
Holocaust Nazi Germany's attmept to kill the entire Jewish race of Europe before and during WWII
hemophilia an inherited blood disease, mostly in males, that prevents blood clotting and causes continual bleeding even after minor injuries
pastoral letters a letter about theological or moral issues written by a bishop to their church
family sponsered immigration a US citizen can sponser his or her foreign-born spouse, parent (if the sponser is over the age of 21), minor and adult married and unmarried children, and siblings
employment-based immigration a US employer can sponser an individual for a specific position where there is an absence of US workers
genocide the attempt to destroy a national, ethnic, racial and or religious group (and its supporters) through officially sanctiones persecution, violence, and mass executions and killings.
bonded labor a person's labor is demanded as a means of repayment of a loan or money given in advance
forced labor this affects ppl who are illegally recruited by governments, political parties or private individuals, and forced to work, usually under the threat of violence
worst forms of child labor refers to children who work in dangerous or exploitive conditions
commercial sexual exploitation of children children are exploited through prostitution, trafficking and pornography. They are often kidnapped, bought, or forced into the sex market
trafficking involves the transport and or trade of humans, usually women or children, for economic gain and involves force or deception, often migrant women and girls are trafficked and forced into domestic work and prostitution
early and forced marriage women and girls are married without choice and forced into a life of servitude, and often physical violence
traditional (chattel) slavery people are bought and sold as commodidies. they are often abducted from their homes, inherited or given as gifts
abolitionist a person who believes slavery should be outlawed
chattel an item of moveable property including an enslaved person treated as property
exodus a mass migration or departure
fugitive a person who fleed or tries to escape
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 a law enacted by Congress that provided for the seizure and return of runawya slaves who escaped from one state to another into federal territory
13th Amendment a constitutional ammendment passed in 1865 abolishing slavery
vigilance committee a group of self-appointed doers of justice
apartheid in the Republic of South Africa: a reigid policy of segregation involving political, legal, and economic descrimination against non-whites
janjaweed "devil riders." are rouge militia from the more northern reaches of Sudan who are mounted on horses and are ruthless killers who destroy whatever they touch
employment discrimination a difference in treatment in hiring or work assignments on a basis other than individual merit
gag order an official restraint on free speech
jeopardy danger or risk of loss
lesbian a female who is sexually attracted to other females
sexual orientation an individual's romantic or physical attraction to the same sex and/or other sex
unsubstantiated not based on proven fact
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