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WOH Review 2

What countries comprised the Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy
What countries cpmprised the Triple Entente Great Britian, France, Russia
What was the immediate cause of WW1 Assassination of Archduke
What trends help lead to the outbreak of WW1 Effects of Balken War s pior to 1914, Assassination of Archduke, German declare war on Russia, Russia support for Serbia, German full support to Austria, Russia mobilization
What politicial movement was most responsible for triggering WW1 nationalism
What country was a torn in Austria's side Sebria
What was Schliffen Plan German plan to avoid a two front war.
What was the perception of most people at the beginning of WW1 Remarkable enthusianism, convinced of nation's cause(propaganda), war could be over in a couple weeks, war could not be conducted for more than a few months without destorying the economy
What was the most importsnt consequence of the first year of war Deadly stalemate on the western front because of failure of German warplanes
WW1 in the east can be characterized by more mobility than the tench warfare on the western front
How can the daily routine of trench warfare be characterized Boredom, broken by artillery barrage and frontal assaults by enemy troops
The effect of US entrance in WW1 gave allied powers a boost with new soliders and money
What was the cheif reason for US intervention Zimmerman note
Where did internal opposition for the war came from what group of poeple civilians
How did woman contribute to WW1 women were called to take over jobs and responsibility that were not available to them before
What socio-economic group benefited for WW1 large industries, owners of factories making weapons and munitions
What did V.I. Lenin promise to the people to gain suport for his party power to soviets, end of war and land to poor peasant (peace, land and bread)
How many poeple died in WW1 8-9 million
How many people were wounded during WW1 22 million
What states were created out of Austro-Hungarian Empire Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Austria and Hungary
What upset Germans the most about the Treaty of Versallies War Guilt Clause
What did the US do immediately after WW1 go into isolationism
How did European approach WW1 Enthusiasm through nations
Why did the US enter WW1 sinking of lusitania, Zimmerman Note
What countries were the best at mobilizing for war US and Germany
How many died during the battle of Verdun 250,00 soliders, 700,000 including cilivians
What was the result of germany's failure to pay its war reparation French collected reparationa by operating and uding Ruhr mines and factories in Germany
What did the Treaty of Locarno accomplish Guaranteed Germany's new western borders with France and Belgium
How can the period from 1924-29 be characterized in Europe prosperity
What was the major cause of the Great Depression In Europe US recalled loans, downturn in european economics and international crisis created by the collaspe of American stock market in 1929
What was the effects of the Great Depression in Europe increase unemployment, inflation increase , rise of radicalized parties
How did FDR's New Deal policies affet the economy use of governemnt form of self help for our countries economic recovery abd social reform programs. Brought partial recovery reudced bank closing, business failure and unemployment and increase farm price wages salaries
What nation achieved the greatest rise in real wages between 1900-39 Sweden
What middle eastern Muslim state made a conscious effort to adopt western secular culture after WW1 Turkey
How did the totalittarian seek to control every aspect of ther citizen's lives use of mass production tehniques and high speed communications to conquer citizens mind and heart. Government control of economic, political and social aspects
How was Mussolini's fascist movedment aided popular nationalistic rrsentment towards the perceived threat of socialism and communism
What is the Squadristi Armed fascists
Where did Hitler spend his developmantal years Austria
What is Mein Kampf Autobiolography writing by Hitler about his belief and movenment and its underlying ideology
How did the Nazis prove to be effective in the realm of politics propoganda to convince everyone what they were doing is right
What was the Nazis policy towards women claims through child bearing and serivce ib the house women would bring about triumph of the Aryan race
What was the dominant form of government in Eastern Europe in the 1920s and 1930s authoritarians ragimes
What was Linen's New Economic Policy in the early 1920's modified form of capitalistic system especially ing agriculture
What aided jospeh Stalin's emergence as leader of the communist party his position as general secretary of bolshevlk party
How was collectivization of agriculture characteried under Stalin thousand dead, millions displaced from there homes, and widespread famine
How did Americans responded to the aggressive action taken by German, Italy and Japan in 1930 went futher into isolationism and passed neutrality acts
What did the neutrality acts stipulate certain restriction would go into effect when president proclaimed war, no american can sail on belligerent ships or make loans
hat did Hitler's plan for defeating Britian rely on Luftwaffe, Germany gaining control of the skies
How did most Americans feel about the war on the eve of the Pearl Harbor Attack contiune to stay out
What happen to most ethnic groups in the U.S. during WW2 futher intergated into American society
What was the first fascist state in Europe Italy
Where did Hitler spend his formative years Vienna
Where was Hitler first act of aggression Rhineland
How did Hitler take Poland Lighting war, agreement between Germany and Soviet.
What was the immediate cause of WW2 Invasion of Poland
What countries did Hitler capture between April and June 1940 Demark, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and France (Phony War)
What was the US mai's priority after the attack on Pearl Harbor Stop Hitler, defeat Germany, turn great naval war machine against Japan
What naval battle was the turning point in the war in the pacific battle of the coral sea
Island hopping US strategy to defeat Japan
What was the Final Solution Mass excution of all Jews
What groups of people, besides tthe Jews did the Nazis single out for extermination gypies, slavic, ukranians, Belorussians and Soviets
What was the Manhattan Projects code name for atomic bomb
what nation experienced the greatest lost Russia
What happen to Germany after WW2 divided into 4 occuption zones US, Britian, French, Russian
Where did the US drop atomic bombs Hiroshima and Nagaski
Who was Japan earliest enemy in WW2 China
Where were most of the death camps locaed in Europe Poland
How did Mussolini come to power in Italy mussolini was appointed prime minister of Italy with approval of King Emmanuel when Mussolini threateed to march on Rome if his fascist grop or himself were not given power
What was the result of the Beer Hall Putsh Hitler was sentence to a brief prison sentence there he wrote Mein Kampf
What battle was turning point on the eastern front during WW2 Battle of Stralinfrad
What battle was the during point in the war int he pacific battle of midway
Who controlled Paris during WW2 Germany
Created by: mwesley