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Chapter 6

Respiratory System

ablation removal by cutting
bilobectomy surgical removal of two lobes of a lung
bronchoplasty surgical repair of the bronchi
bronchoscopy inspection of the bronchial tree using a bronchoscope
catheter tube placed into the body to put fluid in or take fluid out
cauterization destruction of tissue by the use of cautery
cordectomy surgical removal of the vocal cord(s)
dermatoplasty surgical repair of skin
drainage free flow or withdraw of fluids from a wound or cavity
epiglottidectomy excision of the covering of the larynx
intramural within the organ wall
intubation insertion of a tube
laryngeal web congenital abnormality of connective tissue between the vocal cords
laryngectomy surgical removal of the larynx
laryngo prefix meaning larynx
laryngoplasty surgical repair of the larynx
laryngoscope fiberoptic scope used to view the inside of the larynx
laryngoscopy viewing of the larynx using a fiberoptic scope
laryngotomy incision into the larynx
lavage washing out of an organ
lobectomy sergical excision of a lobe of the lung
nasal button a synthetic circular disk used to cover a hole in the nasal system
pharyngolaryngectomy surgical removal of the pharynx and larynx
pleurectomy surgical excision of the pleura
pneumonocentesis surgical puncturing of a lung to withdraw fluid
pneumonolysis surgical separation of the lung from the chest wall to allow the lung to collapse
pneumomostomy surgical procedure in which the chest cavity is exposed and the lung is incised
pneumonotomy incision of the lung
rhino prefix meaning nose
rhinoplasty surgical repair of the nose
segmentectomy surgical removal of a portion of a lung
septoplasty surgical repair of the nasal septum
sinusotomy surgical incision into a sinus
thoracentesis surgical puncture of the thoracic cavity, usually using a needle, to remove fluids
thoracoplasty surgical procedure that removes rib(s) and thereby allows collapse of a lung
thoracoscopy use of a lighted enoscope to view the pleaural spaces and thoracic cavity or to perform surgical procedures
thoracostomy surgical incision into the chest wall and insertion of a chest tube
thoracotomy surgical incision into the chest wall
total pneumonectomy surgical removal of an entire lung
tracheostomy creation of an opening into the trachea
tracheotomy incision into the trachea
transglottic tracheoplasty surgical repair of the vocal apparatus and trachea
transtracheal across the trachea
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