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WHB-Unit 3 Review

Review for Unit 3 Test

Which countries made up the Allied Powers? France, Great Britain, the US, and Russia
Which countries made up the Axis Powers? Germany, Italy, and Japan
Did the United States provide military aid to any countries before entering the war? Yes, the US gave military aid to Great Britain
Define isolationism the desire to stay out of a country's affairs
Why did the United States enter World War II and end their policy of isolation? the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor
What pact did Hitler break when he attacked the Soviet Union in June 1941? the Soviet-German nonaggression pact.
How did the European experience in World War I contribute to Hitler’s ability to aggressively expand in Europe prior to World War II without being stopped? The memories of devastation from World War I caused no country to want to fight in another war. Instead, Britain and France practiced a policy of appeasement, or giving in to aggressive demands in order to maintain peace.
Define appeasement giving in to the aggressive demands in order to maintain peace and avoid war
What was blitzkrieg? the German tactic meaning lightning war, this was a fast forceful style of fighting used by the Germans in World War II
What is Anti-Semitism? discrimination towards Jewish people
What part of cities were most Jews forced to live in Nazi Germany? ghettos
What was the Final Solution? Hitler's idea to exterminate/kill Jewish people.
Where were Jews taken to be exterminated? concentration camps
Where were most of the Nazi concentration camps located? Poland
What is Zyklon B? The poison used to kill Jewish people in the gas chambers
What was the purpose of the Crematorium at the concentration camps? they were used to burn the bodies of the dead
What was Hitler's Master Race? those Hitler thought were superior to minorities
Which group was treated very badly by the U.S. government during World War II? Japanese Americans
Were Jews the only group targeted by the Nazis? No people of other ethnicities such as Poles, Slavs, the gypsy or Romany population, prisoners of war, anyone with a mental disability, and homosexuals.
Did the Allies do everything possible to rescue the Jews once reports came out telling of the widespread killing of Jews by the Nazis? No they did not. Most people could not believe what they were hearing because it was so terrible. The Allies were also worried about defeating Nazi Germany first.
What was Hitler's last massive attack that took place in Belgium 1945 called? The Battle of the Bulge
What was Auschwitz? the largest death camp run by the Nazis
Who spoke out against Britain's policy of appeasement? Winston Churchill
Why was the Battle of Midway important? It diminished the Japanese advantage on the Seas.
What happened at the Siege of Leningrad? It resulted in the death of as many as one million Russian civilians.
How did the battle of Stalingrad show Hitler's poor judgement? He failed to plan for the harsh Soviet winter. By refusing to allow his troops to retreat,many of them ran out of ammunition, food, and medicine. Many were captured by the Soviets and sent to prison camps where they died.
What brought an end to the war in the Pacific? the dropping of atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
What happened to the people that survived the atomic bombs? Many of them were exposed to huge amount of radiation that killed them or would later cause many cancers and other illness. Many were burned from the blast or lost their eyesight if they saw it.
Why did the Allied leaders have trouble reaching an agreement at the Potsdam Conference? Due to a growing ill-will between the Soviet Union and the rest of the Allies
Who said December 7, 1941 is a day that will live in infamy? U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt
What events started World War II? the German invasion of Poland and massing of German troops on its western border
Created by: vderoner