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GSTR Mid-Term

Understandings of Christianity

How does deuteronomistic history play a role in the story of Israel? It is a lens through which history is interpreted and supports the idea that Israelites are god's people
What are the major parts of the Hebrew Bible and how did they develop? Law, Prophets, Writings; Developed through male scribes and passing down oral tradition
What is the Septuagint and why is it important? Greek-translation of Hebrew Bible; it formed basis for Christian bibles
Significance in the debate between historical jesus and jesus of faith? Proves that christianity has historical foundations, but Jesus's miracles and deeds are based on faith bc it can't be proven
How would scholars describe jesus as a historical figure? The idea of the messiah, meaning "annointed one" in Greek, and Christ is a title, not a name.
How did Early Christians read the OT? Consists of 5 books of law (pentateuch), historical books, writings, and prophets. They focused on themes such as creation, Abraham, Exodus from Egypt, and prophecy. Greek, Catholic, and Protestants used order of Septuagint.
Characterization of Jesus in the Four Gospels? 1) Matthew: Jesus in relation to Jewish nation and law 2) Mark: Jesus's good deeds rather than teachings 3) Luke: Jesus as savior for poor and needy; emphasis on Parables 4) John: wrote with needs of churches in Ephesus in mind
Jesus in Paul's writings? Based from Jesus's teachings, "What matters is faith in God"; concerned with Jesus's 2nd coming
Jewish Christian images of Jesus in NT? Titles of "Lord" and "Savior"; Jesus seen as prophet from Jewish POV; gospel writers were biased in their image of Jesus
Apocalyptic images of Jesus in NT? Jesus will lift suffering and pain from lives of those living in New Jerusalem and oppressive and evil will be overcome
What is the relationship between the synoptic gospels? 1st three gospels matthew, mark, john; basic understanding is that Jesus's words and deeds were passed down during ca. 30-60
Logos in the prologue to the Gospel of John? Logos=word in Greek; John used the term to recognize Jesus of the "divine logos" or, "word of god"
What is the key question in the christological debates? What does God require of us?" with focus on scripture, creeds, and history
Significance of the councils of Nicea and Chalcedon? 1) Nicea: Held in Bithynia by Constantine; settled issue of nature of Son of God to God the Father, observance of Easter and Nicaean creed 2) Chalcedon: Held in Asia Minor (modern Instanbul), separation of church of W. Roman empire
Three major components of Christian Orthodoxy? 1) Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are distinct persons 2) Each is God 3) There is one God
How is salvation brought in E. Orthodoxy? It is interpreted as modeling after the "likeness of god"
How is salvation brought in R. Catholicism? Through baptism, actual grace, and good works
How is salvation brought in Protestantism? It can be reached through faith alone, including prayer, bible reading, and church attendance.
What is the significance of Athanasius' Easter letter? Approved by Quinisext council; listed 27 books of NT in use today; 1st compilations of present list of R. Catholic NT writings
What is Gnosticism? Belief that material world created by the demiurge should be shunned and spiritual world embraced; influenced by ancient religions
What is the Leningrad Complex? Oldest complete manuscript of Hebrew bible written in Hebrew using masoretic text
What is sinaiticus? Ancient hand-written copy of greek bible written in 4th century; best greek texts of NT; contains most of both testaments, half of greek old testament along with complete NT epistle of Barnabus; portions of shepard of Hermus
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